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Expatriator says: (12:00:52 PM)
Emily says: (12:01:02 PM)
Expatriator says: (12:01:10 PM)
do you sell handbags?
Emily says: (12:01:11 PM)
Emily says: (12:01:17 PM)
yes,.we have handvbags
Expatriator says: (12:01:22 PM)
where are you?
Emily says: (12:01:24 PM)
you can see on our website
Expatriator says: (12:01:24 PM)
Emily says: (12:01:29 PM)
we are in china
Emily says: (12:01:37 PM)
you are from uk.right ?
Expatriator says: (12:01:42 PM)
are these “third line” products?
Emily says: (12:03:47 PM)
which brand of handbags do you want friend
Expatriator says: (12:04:29 PM)
can I ask you why you continue to spam my site even after I’ve banned your IP address? Please do not return to my site. Your spam is unwelcome. Now that I have you on MSN I have your direct IP address and will post it to hackers forums if you continue. You will regret crossing my path.
Emily says: (12:05:22 PM)
sorry friend.
Emily says: (12:05:36 PM)
can you tell me what is your website
Expatriator says: (12:06:13 PM)
I don’t know if you have the same sense of right and wrong that we have in the West, but if you want to do business with us then you must not do what we find most disrespectful.
Expatriator says: (12:06:34 PM)
You must not join websites and post messages that are unrelated to the topic of the website
Emily says: (12:06:48 PM)
Expatriator says: (12:06:50 PM)
You must not post links back to your website.
Emily says: (12:06:51 PM)
you are right
Emily says: (12:06:59 PM)
so what is your website
Expatriator says: (12:07:07 PM)
Please do not come back to http://www.spainexpat.com.
Expatriator says: (12:07:51 PM)
Thank you.


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not frist time Emily has been spaming sites , not just Spainexpat site but lot more have all there msn address if want to feel free to spam them ....