Web 2.0 Social & Business Network Websites just like Bebo / Myspace / Facebook / LinkedIn
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Web 2.0 Social & Business Network Websites just like Bebo / Myspace / Facebook / LinkedIn
This proposal is for primary Spanish Social / Business Online Networks with a future International version. These websites are what is known as Web 2.0 Social Networks or Business Online Networks such as Bebo / Myspace / Facebook / LinkedIn.

Our Product is a full web 2.0 Social and Business Networking website like the most popular International websites of Bebo, Myspace, Facebook and LinkedIn. It fills a gap for businesses and professionals that serves their needs in the new Web 2.0 and while Business Networking sites like LinkedIn do not offer all of the services of full Social Networking sites, they are making ground into this area and this is where our products fits into.

The roll-out over the next 12 months is Networks for Spain with the first ready for launch and is a testing ground for the International website. Which is in direct competition with the leading Social & Business networks.

Our Product has all the features and functions of the major Web 2.0 social networking sites and features. A beta version of the website is currently online and the site will be released in the coming weeks. The ground work has been done, the hits are matching the leading regional websites already and a few dozen local businesses are in the process of joining up before the launch.

3 main revenue streams from subscriptions to advertising models.

The International version is everything the Spanish Networks is but is targeted internationally and direct competition against both the Social and Business Networks. It is on the drawing boards and will take lessons learnt from the trials of the Irish Networks and improve on them. The International version boosts 8 revenue models and is the future flagship project for the company. This International project is still 14 months away from being launched and is included in the Investment package on offer.

The Spanish Networks is at the heart of what�s happening with the latest technology on the Internet with all major and minor companies world-wide. The foundations have been put in place and the biggest expansion the company will see, is through the development and launch of the International version.

This is a limited time Investment round for one or at most two Investors to join at this early stage and with all the ground work already done. We need to push further development and expansion of the Irish Network websites within the next 12 months along with the development stages of the world-wide version. The full revenue streams will take up to six months to become stable and it will take up to 12 months for the following expanded Spanish Network websites to generate revenue from every major Spanish city.

An active Investor that is located in Spin is a bonus to us but we are open to Investors who just want to be shareholders &/or are located outside Spain. We are expecting this Investment proposal to close within 2 weeks and this is due to the launch of the first Spanish city version.

Note: Names of the sites has been edited, please contact me to view our products.

Further details of the site on request only with the summary business plan that will give you a clear understanding how the website works, revenue streams and future pending websites.

INDUSTRY 1: Internet/Communications/Publishing
INDUSTRY 2: Computer Hardware/Software


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Hello jurdy,
This sound like a very interesting project.
Please what is the name of the website? or how do I view your products?


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pm me please

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for the people that waited for this project , any company in ireland are now doing all the paper work there call BDO Simpson Xavier in Galway ireland office if you want to know more please email me here and i past you there email

Watch this space this comapny is going to be the next big computer company in the world watch out gates ha