Swimming in Spain
Posted: 30 November 2006 08:50 AM  
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I’m going to be visiting Spain in March to have a look around for an upcoming move.  While in Spain I’m hoping to do some open water swims. Does anybody know of any open water swimming clubs that swim year round that I might be able to hook up with?

Thanks, Camino

Posted: 27 March 2007 11:39 AM  
Just Landed
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Don’t know what you mean by “open water” but most large villages and towns have open air swimming pools but these are usually only open during the school holidays.

Posted: 18 April 2007 10:35 PM  
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I believe that there is a swimming club at Lake Negratin, Club Nautico, just off the A315 heading towards Cuevas del Campo.  They may have links to other swimming clubs in your area.

Most villages in Granada have a community pool, but they are not always suitable for serious swimmers, and only open July and August.

Larger towns have Sports Centres, but apply a minimum age of 16 to swim - again, they may have links to other clubs in your area.


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