Are there any proper swimming coaching classes?
Posted: 14 January 2007 02:24 AM  
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My young son, who is 9 on Monday is a gifted swimmer, and i think with proper coaching could become competitive.

We have a newly opened indor pool in a town only 15 minutes dive away, and it has taken me 4 months to actually get him registered for classes.

He has been there for a week, and from what i have witnessed, the “teachers” stand around talking amongst themselves, without actually doing any constructive coaching.

Although i realise this is good excercise for my son, nobody is actually showing him how to improve his stroke or technique, does anyone know of a better system?

Posted: 17 January 2007 10:06 AM  
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It probably depends on where you are. Around here (Barcelona) the local swimming clubs actually own the pools and provide coaching both for club members and local schools. Perhaps you could find out who or how swimming is taught at the school and work from there?



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