Filipino in Algiers want to make a short visit in Alicante
Posted: 23 July 2009 01:57 PM  
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I am a Filipino citizen on short assignment in Algeria.  Since, I have spare time to spend on travelling and alicante is an 8 hrs ferry away from Algiers, I am thinking to visit the place for short duration (2-3 days).  My question is - it possible for me to apply a visa in Algiers or will the spanish embassy will allow me to grant a tourist visa?  If yes what is the requirements?  I do not have a company in Algeria, I work there for our client. Thank you in adv for your reply

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the mask,

you will have to apply for a visa in manila or in a country where you are a legal resident, the only country in europe that does not require a visa for filipino passports is Kosovo.