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Posted: 27 July 2009 05:03 PM  
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hi it’s abed,

  Well, I want to ask: does the Escuela Oficial de idiomas offer preparation for the selectividad exam along with the language studying? can I prepare this exam and learn spanish at the same time in this school? can you please tell me how to enroll in such a course in this school… and what are the fees? and dates of the course maybe link website . My student visa is of 90 days with validity from 20-7-2009 until 14-5-2010, so if I enroll in this school on this visa there’s no problem, right? . Are you a professor in this school?

thank you


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hi abed,
it is just a language school, but it is officially recognized by the state. application for spanish starts on 24 august and finishes on 7 september. check the website and click on “?como ser alumno?” then “matr?cula de alumnos de espa?ol” then “click here if you would like to read this information in english”. you can have a placement test so you do not start from the lowest level.  a level from october to january costs 88,95 euros only. when you enrol, you do not have to attend everyday, minimum attendance is 33 % . so you can attend your preparation class, which i think is in spanish.

What exactly is your diploma? do you have an international baccalaureate?

i study some languages in this school. to answer your other questions, just read my previous replies.