Telefonica discount!!
Posted: 06 October 2009 11:47 AM  
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Had a call from Telefonica the other day, the woman asked me if I was happy with the service, so I said no. Its very expensive and the ADSL is very slow for 40 euros a month. So she said they would give us a discount and call me back in a week.

Oh okay I thought that can’t be bad, Telefonica actually cares.

A week later the woman phoned again, all she needed was my bank details and NIE, yer right like I’m going to give out my details over the phone, so things get a little heated, so I pass the phone to the Misses (She’s Spanish) and it turned out that she was calling from Jazztel, I think, and they had everything ready all I had to do is give them my details and it would have been changed over.

Mind blowing!


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Posted: 06 October 2009 06:14 PM  
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it happens and you sould report to Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT)


never give out nie , bank account on the phone are email .....

Posted: 03 November 2009 12:38 AM  
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they invent any maner to sell!!  I got reports of people from ja**tel and o*ange to go visiting home to home, they ask for a copy of the bill, and they tell you you’re paying too much because your line or dsl is connected to the wrong central. Then the next step is to inform you will save 10 to 20€ a month,they need your bank account (and the rest they copied already from your bill) and leave…a few days later you won’t have any service and problems as they changed you from company without autorization…

if anyone calls you or visits don’t give out any details except your NIE/DNI number!! I know many people switched to other company and have been months without service!



Posted: 21 November 2009 05:09 PM  
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Wow - that’s concerning.  Of course everyone knows, I hope, to never, ever give bank or personal info to anyone on the phone.  Lots of scams around this.


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Posted: 17 July 2017 11:43 AM  
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Totally agree with JURDYR,

Similar calls are made everyday in bulk numbers.
We shall not respond to these.

Friend was having a similar issue for his business but then he used the services of EXOTEL.

Nevr regretted after.