Spanish work visa for Australian researcher currently living in Germany easy or hard?
Posted: 08 October 2009 06:47 PM  
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As a researcher, I often have the opportunity to move to different countries. I have in the past lived in India, Australia, Italy and Germany.

I have a job offer as a postdoc fellow in Spain. I got the ‘offer’ letter (a single page letter in Spanish that I don’t really understand)

I am currently working as a postdoc in Germany. I hold Australian citizenship, Indian OCI visa and German work visa.

In order to go to Spain, I must apply for a Spanish visa from within Germany.

Can anyone tell me what kind of visa I need? and how to obtain one.

Is it really as big a headache as the lady told me? (getting police clearance from countries of past 5 years - for me Australia, Italy and Germany, getting medical cert., transcripts, and then getting them all translated to Spanish).  What a pain!! :( :( :(

I neither have the energy nor the patience to go through this tedious process of getting a Spain visa. Are there any agencies who will help me?

I speak neither German nor Spanish. The Spain embassy in Germany is not at all helpful. They have no information in English or anyone who speaks English. I am considering going back to one of my home countries (India/Australia) to apply from there or even rejecting the job offer. What do you people suggest?

As a sidenote, Spain and Italy are two of the countries to avoid going for academic purposes unless you enjoy being caught up in endless buearocracy. Getting a German visa was a piece of cake, but I have yet to receive my stay permit in Italy 2 years after applying for it.

Spain seems to be catching up with Italy grin

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you might start with having the “offer” letter translated into english to find out what is really being offered.
i suppose it is logical for the spanish embassy in germany to give information in spanish and german not in english.
all work permits for spain are initiated in spain by the employer.
once the work permit is granted, the consulate knows what kind of visa they will issue.
at this point they will inform you of the requierements to be submitted.
now since you got a work permit in germany,
you do not speak spanish and you hate bureaucracy.
why do you want to reside and work in spain?

Posted: 08 October 2009 08:36 PM  
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Thanks for the info.
Really having second thoughts about the whole “Working in Spain” idea.


I’ve decided to bite the bullet and go thru with the process [:P] Hopefully the returns will be worth it.

I need some help / advise in preparing my documents before my appointment.
—where to get the police clearance from (esp if you recently moved from a different country). Is there anyone who has had to get clearance from 2-3 different countries?
—where to get the translation done, and get it certified so they will accept it.
—anything else needed? (my offer letter is good. I had it translated)
—how long does it take to get police clearance?
—how many visits do I have to make in each place?

I’m attaching the documents sent by the embassy.

File Attachments
alemán, MIT BEFREIUNG DER ARBEITSGENEHMIGUNG.doc  (File Size: 39KB - Downloads: 689)
español, EXCEPCIÓN PERMISO TRABAJO.doc  (File Size: 36KB - Downloads: 654)
Posted: 13 October 2009 09:54 PM  
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Done with the paperwork for Australia and German police clearance! They should be arriving in mail soon. Will be visiting Italian consulate to find about Italian clearance (there is not much info on their website).
Has anyone had to get Italian police clearance from outside Italy? Can you share your experiences? How long did it take.

If it takes too much time, I am planning to take a Ryanair flight to Italy and get it done personally there. It will cost me a couple hundred euros but will probably get me the document in less than two weeks.

If all works out I will be able to apply for visa end of this month.

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There are lots of people visit the different counties for higher studies or complete their research. That would be interesting update on for the people who wanted to apply for work visa they can grab this opportunity.