elderly parents living in spain
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I have two parents living in mallorca who will both be 90 this year,Although they can manage with the help of friends and a nieghbour they do not know the servises or care they can have,They have lived there for 40 yrs and soon will require help and i will have to sort a great deal from england so i would be gratefull for any advise from people who have or are dealing with a simular situation.
                          yours sincerly
                          richard bruce

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Hi just posted this for someone else….

Hi did a quick check on google and found this…..

(from the web site of British Consulate Santa Cruz de Tenerife, http://www.eurosol.com/consul/#_Toc500052711)


Treatment for UK Pensioners in Spain

41. Persons in receipt of a UK State pension and resident in Spain, are entitled to receive free medical treatment in Spain (including, of course, the Canary Islands) under the same conditions as a qualified Spanish State pensioner. Most entitled pensioners will have already been so notified by the DHSS and provided with a form E121. If you have not heard from the Department and wish to ascertain your own position, you should write to:-

The International Pension Centre
Tyneview Park
NE98 1BA

Persons wishing to settle in Spain after early retirement, i.e. before the normal UK pensionable age (60 for women, 65 for men), should, before travelling, consult their local DHSS office about their medical cover, possibly under form E106.

42. Once in possession of form E121 (and with your passport), you should register with the INSS (Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social). Initial registration must be done at the main office in Santa Cruz: Calle General Gutiérrez No. 4. There are 36 Health Centres on the island of Tenerife, with many minor branches, all of which are able to handle the posterior procedure. Some of these can be found at:-

Adeje - Calle Manuel Bello Ramos,s/n, Tel: 922-711533
Arona - Avenida Penetración, s/n, Edificio Valdes Centre, Los Cristianos, Tel: 922-7840
Puerto de la Cruz - Polígono El Tejar, Calle El Pozo, s/n, Tel: 922-389834
La Laguna - Avenida Trinidad 50, Tel: 922-315722
La Palma - Calle Pérez Galdós 5, Santa Cruz de La Palma, Tel: 922-418027
La Gomera - Calle Ruiz de Padrón 32, San Sebastián de La Gomera, Tel: 922-872005
El Hierro - Calle La Constitución 27, Valverde, Tel: 922-550525
43. For initial registration, you should go to the counter labelled “Convenios Internacionales”. Form E121 will be taken from you and you will be issued with a pensioner’s health card and explanatory notes (in Spanish). Unless you specify that you wish to be registered with a particular “Servicio Canario de Salud” (SCS) doctor at your nearest out-patients clinic (Centro de Salud), one will be assigned to you, as will other specialists and the address of the “Centro de Salud”. It should be noted that registration can only be effected with Spanish SCS doctors and not private practitioners.


44. It must be stressed that the above provisions only apply to Centros de Salud and Social Security Hospitals (such as those listed in Annex E). Anyone wishing to attend a private clinic should note that they will be personally responsible for any costs incurred. These clinics (see Annex E) are usually run on a commercial basis and can be very expensive.

45. It should be noted that the Spanish Social Security does not provide long-term or geriatric care in hospitals. If such care is required in Spain, private arrangements must be made.


Info on the Palma Consulate.



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hi. there are many people like your parents who need help in there later years. i am living in england have been thinking about a move to spain but hesitant because i would be doing it alone i am a 51 year old widow .  i have worked in a residential home for the elderly for 4 years.  here in england this care is expensive and i imagine too in spain.  cheaper to have some one care for them in their own home.  better for them too.  so if you want to offer me the job and give me the shove to make the move get in touch