Granada, Malaga, Antequera Triangle; looking for good respected Animal Rescue Centre
Posted: 09 November 2010 04:31 PM  
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Never thought I’d have to ask this question but is anyone aware of a good well respected Animal Rescue Centre in the Granada, Malaga, Antequera triangle?

Have checked out online the one in Marbella but its too far to travel.

I’ve checked Yellow Pages but can find nothing,

Folks, recently I adopted two little 6 week old pups abandonados; I am pleased to report that they are both well and slowly being accepted into the rest of our pack. We have a problem though in that the pups bring our number up to 5. All these in a very small house with no garden or outdoor patio. We can cope with this however; the fact that our home now resembles a kennel we can live with; tripping over sleeping or crashed out loony animals; causing the Amazon rain forest to be depleted by a few trees each week as Mercadona struggle to keep up with our demands for kitchen rolls used for mopping up.

Our reason for trying to find a rescue centre is because, like many other campo villages ours has become something of a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. Whilst out walking the pack earlier this week, my attention was drawn by one of the village kids to a pack of 5 Podenco puppies and their mother. They are currently living rough in the campo in a small cave in the rocks at the edge of one of the olive fields and are all undernourished. I have taken to going out and feeding them once a day since the pups cannot fend for themselves and Mum is having a bloody hard time trying to keep herself alive much less the pups as well.

As much as this little family is tugging hard at my heart-strings, I cannot in all good faith take them in, we have neither the space nor the finances to adopt them, it wouldnt be fair to the existing pack who are still a little shell-shocked by the arrival of the other two pups; but nor can I bring myself to call the local Sanidad office as I feel certain that they would be put down soon after collection. With the colder weather now rolling in I feel I should be doing something. Clearly they have been abandoned and I think they were abandoned by one of the villagers but I’d have a hard time proving it.

I find it hard to fathom the mind-set of the Spanish when it comes to breeding dogs; its irresponsible to say the least, but in a nation that tortures and kills bulls for ‘sport’ and ‘culture,’ irresponsibility comes naturally I guess…

Anyway if anyone knows of a respected Centro de Rescate please let me know.




Help desperately needed

Posted: 09 November 2010 04:53 PM  
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I don’t know that area, so I hope someone who does will reply to you.

We’ve had a dog for 5 years that we resuced off the road in North America. The neighbours opposite only seem to come to the house at the weekend and there’s a lovely old dog in the garden. A Belgian couple come by each night and feed him, and he’s he now started to sit at our front gate and he comes and stays with us. I would love to keep him, but we can’t, we’re probably not staying in Spain, I wish we could.