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Posted: 05 March 2011 08:28 PM  
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I am looking to move to Spain (hopefully) by next year and want to improve my Spanish before doing so. I have a basic working understanding of the language and can speak a little (I understand more than I speak but can carry on a basic conversation). I am looking into classes in the states and have found one that I like but it is more Latin American Spanish rather than Spanish from Spain. I know there are differences between the two and was wondering if it would be productive to take the class to get practice and build confidence, or if it would be better to find a class that is specifically Spanish from Spain. I’m unsure just how different the two dialects are. Any info/ advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. smile


Posted: 16 March 2011 06:59 PM  
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Take the Latino American Spanish course. The differences are minimal. There are many latinos in Spain many don’t change how they speak and evweryone still understands. Once here you’ll hear the differences and can adjust.

Posted: 24 March 2014 01:23 AM  
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Yes I also recommend you take the Spanish course. You’ll realize that the vocabulary and grammar are almost the same. A lot of the differences come from phrasal verbs and colloquial phrases that varies from country to country. If you’re able to get a good base level of Spanish before coming over it will make a world of difference. I would also recommend you practice a lot of listening as Spaniards tend to speak fast.


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Could you explain me the meaning of the word which sounds like “haketona”? I do not understand if it is bad or not))