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“Pareja de Hecho” Civil Union
Posted: 01 May 2012 01:41 AM  
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just to tell, when we make an “empatronamiento ” , they ask for the NIE number, and the police not issuing an NIE , without “empatron.” cant make a parejcha de hecho.
We was lucky and getting an NIE bcs we was buying property , and the temporary NIE was enough ( even we not having the green papper !!)

but now i am standing before the next problem. today we have a cita preview, but at this time i am married already. all papperwork now to old, wrong translations and and and.

so now i am thinking , bcs officaly we not registerd as married, i thinking to do a “pareja de hecho ” , but like i read , they want from non eu member a certifcate from embassy , stating single. this get difficult.

as a married couple ( married outside the EU ) can we apply for pareja de hecho ???  this would make anything easyer

Posted: 10 February 2013 05:02 PM  
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i have a question and i need a good and simple advice please. i am from nigeria and i use to have a spanish boy friend so we had this thing called pareja de hecho to do so i can obtain my residency. that we submitted all the requirement but after two weeks we were issued a letter saying that my document need some stamps from the spanish embassy in my country. right now i have a little misunderstanding with my boyfriend and i have requested that the ayutamiento refund me back my document to me my lawyer as written an excrito for the refund. now that i have a problem with my boyfriend can i do again pareja de hecho with someone else within the period of time since the ayutamientto told me some document need to be stamp does that means that i still have not registered as pareja de hecho and i can still do it with another person if i choose to? pls i will love to have an opinion. thanks



Posted: 20 July 2013 02:09 PM  
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Hi there! i did read everything you have written about Pareja de Hecho (thank u!) but i still have some doubts, hope someone can help me!
Im going to do it with my novio but the questions are.. im spanish and he is a non european member, actually we r living in Lebanon together since one year and a half, so
- do this time is valid for them even was outside spain?
- once we do the pareja de hecho thing, r we obliged to stay the next whole year in spain or we can directly move out?
- Is it possible to do it in the spanish embassy or has to be in Spain?
- Can he come as a tourist (in case have to be in spain) and then take the residency?
- It is fast this process? as is dangerous now staying in Lebanon..

Thanks for the answers!!

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