Moving to Bilbao region
Posted: 30 April 2007 04:04 PM  
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Hello every body.

I?m an Italian, living in Germany at the moment and going to re locate to Spain for work. Since I?m Italian I guess my lifestyle is probably quite similar to the Spanish one as well as problems I will meet during re location.

I have been looking the local newspaper of Bilbao (el correo) for advertisemnts on flats to rent, and I noticed that nearly every flat is already furnished. Do you know if it is possible to find also unfurnished flats to rent? The company that is going to hire me is located 10 minutes from Bilbao (2 minutes from the airport). People suggested me to do not stay in Bilbao but o look for a smaller centre. I would like to live by the sea actually (I come from a town by the sea in Italy and I missed a lot the sea here in Germany). Any one has an advice on the area where I should look? I?m coming with my car, so no problem to commute at work I guess.

If you have any advice please let me know