To do list.
Posted: 19 April 2011 05:57 PM  
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We are moving to Spain for a year to see if we would like to live there indefinitely.
Does anyone have a “to do” list for before and after we get there.
Thanks allot!!

Posted: 23 April 2011 10:16 PM  
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Blimey, it doesn’t look as if anybody compiled a To Do List before coming over here. It would have been a good idea. What about posting what you have thought about so far, and lets see if we can add to it?

Posted: 24 April 2011 11:25 AM  
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My todo list would not be very long, but I will start:

1. start and learn the language
2. Make a list of what you want from your new life, with three columns - must have, nice to have, not bothered about
3. Buy a map and look where you would like to live
4. research the places you list aginst what you want, ie work, property prices, rentals prices, transport, shops, schools etc - if it does not match what you expect, move on to another area

Once you have that sorted, you can then move on to thinking more about your move. To do it right, you have a good 6 months of work to arrive at a short list of your locations.

Good luck