The Hottest Way To Find Spanish Love


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The Hottest Way To Find Spanish Love

With over eight million singles in Spain, the country has jumped on the online dating bandwagon and it is now the third-most popular way of finding a partner, after friends and co-workers

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Information about online dating in Spain. Where to look, the best way to write a profile and overall tricks of the trade for online spanish dating.

The most popular way to meet people in the 21st century is via the computer screen. Online dating has captivated singles worldwide and when it comes to online dating in Spain, there is no exception. With over eight million singles in Spain, the country has jumped on the online dating bandwagon and it is now the third-most popular way of finding a partner, after friends and co-workers (Jupiter Research.) Spanish online dating has become an incredible business worth roughly 50 million Euros a year and has proved to work wonders. It is estimated that over 400,000 Spaniards found their ‘pareja’ in 2007 thanks to the internet.

Online dating in Spain usually attracts people between the ages of 30-45 who want something more serious than a random affair. Men outnumber women in terms of online members and according to a Microsoft poll, 70 percent of all Spaniards said that they prefer to ‘date’ in chat rooms before meeting in person.

As a result of the incredible demand for online dating in Spain, the Spanish industry continues to grow and adapt accordingly. Today most websites provide webcam chats for their members in order to help enhance their experience. The sites are also starting to target more specific demographics in order to make it easier for clients to sift through the large pool of candidates. Online dating sites now have certain sites for various age brackets, interest groups and sexual preferences. One of the largest demographics and one of the hottest new trends in online dating is that of the Baby boomers. There is an incredibly high percentage of single Baby boomers worldwide who are becoming increasingly internet savvy, thus online dating sites are catering largely to them.

In terms of online dating in Spain some might think there’s more ‘luck’ to it than strategy. However that isn’t necessarily true. There are some key tricks to take note of when embarking into the online dating world.

Some things to think about when online dating:

Writing the Online Profile:
The profile is the key to getting your prospects attention. One of the best ways to create a sexy, catchy profile is to ‘show’ people who you are, not ‘tell’ them. For example, instead of using adjectives to describe yourself, tell a story or an anecdote. Paint a compelling picture of who you are in a unique way, rather than simply saying, ‘I’m warm, nice, caring funny etc…’ Be unique in your approach and you’ll find the people who respond will be more in tune with what you are looking for.

The Email:
When writing the email, especially the first email, the key is to make sure the other person doesn’t think you want them more than they want you. Make the initial email short and to the point. A good tactic is to find something in their profile you can comment on or joke about, lightly. Keep the email short and then wait for the reply.

The First Date:
Once the hits start pouring in, the key is to weed out the good ones from the bad ones. When deciding to meet someone make sure it’s done in a comfortable, neutral setting. Lunch and coffee first dates are often a better solution than the typical evening date. They’re more relaxed and can be done in somewhat more open and social settings to avoid awkward moments if you’re not ‘that into’ the person or don’t trust them.


In terms of online dating in Spain some might think there’s more ‘luck’ to it than strategy. However that isn’t necessarily true.

Some popular online dating sites in Spain include:

Overall tips for online dating in Spain

Choose the right site: With hundreds if not thousands of online dating sites in Spain, choosing the right one can be difficult. Make sure to read these pages before choosing a site:

  • Privacy Policy
  • About Us
  • FAQ

These pages will provide further insight into the philosophy of the service the site provides and help you when making a decision.

Be Straight Up-The key to developing a good, healthy relationship is honesty. When creating your profile and corresponding with potential dates, you want to come across as someone who is interested in learning about other people.

Don’t Be Static-If you’re not getting the response you had hoped to get from potential suitors, then perhaps you need to revamp your profile. Take a look at other people’s pages who are in your same demographic and see if there’s anything you can improve upon or do differently.

Post A Good Photo-It’s not all about looks but it has been proven that those who post a picture for online dating sites get many more responses than those who solely rely on their wit and intellect. Post a picture and post a good one! 

The future of online dating:
As technology continues to improve, so does the complexity of the online dating industry. It has been said that the next step in online dating is virtual dating, which combines both online dating with online gaming. This means that users are able to interact in a virtual setting that resembles an actual dating environment. Singles can meet in a café, a resort, the cinema or anywhere they see fit and all can be done through the internet. Even though virtual online dating is still in its early stages it’s fast becoming one of the hot new trends in the online dating world. 


Last updated 22 01 2009

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