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Top 7 Fun Things To Do As An Expat in Spain


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Top 7 Fun Things To Do As An Expat in Spain

Posted by The Expatriator

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Spain Expat's top 7 fun things to do when you're an expat in Spain! (not entirely serious)

Fun things to do as an expat doesn’t include things that a tourist could easily do for one reason or another. We’re special.

  1. Make fun of tourists - because hey, they do stand out, look funny and get themselves in ridiculous situations. Also because there’s tons of ‘em and the locals do it too.
  2. Discuss your day’s funny-thing-that-the-spanish-do around the dinner table.
  3. Register for something - including your empadronamiento, your NIE, residency cards, health insurance, a bank account or a Telefonica line. Involving yourself in the Spanish social and economic system is FUN... once you take out your frustration on a punching bag or share your misery with friends.
  4. Find the cool locales - There’s so many bars and restaurants that aren’t in the tourist guides. You’ll soon find your favourites where you’ll be surrounded by locals and other expats.
  5. Do an intercambio - It’s amazing how much you’ll learn from an intercambio partner and he/she from you, besides boosting your language skills. Seriously, it’s great.
  6. Buy a boat or other watercraft - Because you can, and you’ve always wanted to sail on the Mediterranean, haven’t you?
  7. Call home - Make people jealous because everyday you can do all of the above in addition to all the great things that bring the 55 million tourists to Spain every year. Be sure to see our telephone and long distance calling page.

Last updated 03 04 2006

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