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Top 7 Great Things About Living in Spain

Tagged: lifestyle, living in spain, top 7, cost of living, about spain, beach, paella, cigarettes, climate, people, cia, booze, sun, best things

  • Spain Expat's lifestyle in Spain section brings you... Spain Expat's top 7 great things about living in Spain covers all the reasons why you already know you want to be here.
Learning Spanish, Important Lessons for Expats

Tagged: lifestyle, spanish, exchange, culture, books, language, school, free, film, cheap, translation, movies, learn, tool

    Many city governments and provincial governments in Spain offer courses as a service for immigrants, quite often for free."
  • Spain Expat's lifestyle in Spain section brings you... Information on learning Spanish for foreigners and expatriates. Free options, schools and other ways to learn the local language are all discussed.
Shopping! in Spain

Tagged: lifestyle, food, foreign, books, online, groceries, shop, dia, shopping, el corte ingles

    Euro stores, like dollar stores in North America, offer great deals on all the little home articles you'll need.
  • Spain Expat's lifestyle in Spain section brings you... Information about where and how to shop for groceries, expat goods and other important items for expats in Spain.
Spanish Cultural Commentary

Tagged: lifestyle, culture, language, symbol, family, cultural, donkey, generalizations, american, importance, difference, usa

    Americans are obsessed and stressed about work -- individual achievement there is the measure of self-worth."
  • Spain Expat's lifestyle in Spain section brings you... Spain Expat's cultural notes. The culture of Spain and cultural differences discussed by expatriates living in Spain.
Top 7 Aspects of Living and Working in Spain

Tagged: working in spain, lifestyle, living in spain, teaching in spain, top 7, work, tax, siesta, job, life, being late, living working in spain

  • Spain Expat's lifestyle in Spain section brings you... The top 7 aspects of living and working in Spain are all about how your lifestyle and your work life meet in harmony in the land of the bull.
Spanish Recipes and Cuisine

Tagged: lifestyle, tortilla, gazpacho, sangría, spanish recipe, spanish recipes, spain lunch, spanish cuisine, spanish lunch, spanish food, spain food, mediterranean diet, spain recipe, tortilla de patata, spain cuisine, tortilla española

    Even with the proliferation of fast food chains and the almost complete disappearance of the mythical after-lunch siesta, a Spanish lunch is still a rather leisurely affair.
  • Spain Expat's lifestyle in Spain section brings you... Spanish recipes, information about Spanish cuisine, and reasons why you should cook Spanish food at home. The anatomy of a Spanish lunch and recipes for Spanish classics tortilla de patata and sangría.
The Vegetarian’s Survival Guide to Spain

Tagged: lifestyle, vegetarian spain, vegetarianism spain, veganism spain, vegan spain, vegan tapas, travel spain vegetarian, vegetarian restaurant spain, vegan restaurant spain, vegetarian tapas, vegetarian tapa, health food store spain, vegan tapa, vegetariano españa

    Let this be an opportunity to participate in the grand tradition of the Spanish tapas crawl.
  • Spain Expat's lifestyle in Spain section brings you... How to survive - and thrive - as a vegetarian in Spain's markets, tapas bars, restaurants, and while traveling.
Fiestas in Spain

Tagged: lifestyle, spanish holidays, parties in spain, festivals, spain fiestas, famous spanish fiestas, fiesta time in spain, spanish fiestas, fiestas in spain

    Whether based on religious devotion or the secular love of a good party, Spain organizes festivals like few can...
  • Spain Expat's lifestyle in Spain section brings you... Information about the best Fiestas in Spain. Where they are at what time of year and how to prepare for the best parties in the country.
Castellano vs. Español

Tagged: lifestyle, spanish vocabulary, castellano, español, variations in spanish, differences in spanish, spanish dialects, varieties in spanish, dialects in spanish, tu usted, spanish variations, spanish varieties, spanish differences, tú usted, tu vd., tu ud., tú vd.

    Non-Spaniards sometimes affectionately refer to the Castillian "th" pronunciation of the "c" and "z" as a lisp."
  • Spain Expat's lifestyle in Spain section brings you... Information about some of the differences between the Castillian Spanish of Spain (Castellano) and Latin American Spanish (Español).
Weather in Spain

Tagged: lifestyle, spain weather seasons, spain temperature, spanish weather region, weather spain, spain weather season, spanish weather season, season spain, spanish weather, spanish weather city, seasons spain, spain weather region, spain weather city

    The not-to-be missed season of open-air terrazas and music festivals"
  • Spain Expat's lifestyle in Spain section brings you... An overview of the weather in Spain, including information on Spanish weather by season, region, and major city. Also learn about Dreamer’s favorite times and places to be in Spain.
Jewish Spain

Tagged: lifestyle, judaism in spain, jewish food in spain, expulsion jews spain, jews from spain, history of the jews in spain, spanish jews, jewery in spain, spain jews, expulsion of jews spain, jews in spain, jewish in spain

    Synagogues, kosher restaurants and community centers are springing up across the country with more being established every year.
  • Spain Expat's lifestyle in Spain section brings you... This article is about being Jewish in Spain; where to eat, pray and go to see Jewish monuments. It also focuses on the history of the Jews in Spain from before the Spanish inquisition until present day.
You know you’ve lived in Spain when….

Tagged: lifestyle, humor, living in spain. lifestyle. humour. customs in spain. food in spain

  • Spain Expat's lifestyle in Spain section brings you... A humorous look at how one's view of life, and life itself can change after living for a while in Spain.
Spanish Art & Culture

Tagged: lifestyle, spanish culture, spain culture, spanish art, spain art, spain painting, spanish fashion, spain architecture, spain fashion, spanish music, spanish architecture, spain dance, spain music, spanish painting, spanish literature, spain literature

    Spain has a very rich literary tradition.
  • Spain Expat's lifestyle in Spain section brings you... An introduction to Spanish art and culture – past and present – including architecture, dance, fashion, film, literature, music, painting, and sculpture.
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