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Posted: 06 May 2007 11:03 PM  
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The Expat Talkback or comment areas of the articles on are not meant for asking questions unless they are pertinent to or a critique of the article’s information. Let’s say you want to update everyone on the latest regulations for getting a visa in Spain then submit your comment right there. 

If you want to ask a question then:

1. Go to the forum at and sign-in or register.

2. Click on the appropriate section of the forum related to your question. Each section has a description, please read them to get an idea of where you should be posting. You should also use the search box at the top right to see if anyone else has posted similar questions/info.

3. From either a topic or post or the forum sections you’ll see the “New Topic” button near the top right of the screen. If you want to reply to someone else’s post, click the Post Reply button after the last post/reply on the page.

The idea is that you have to ask a question inside a forum, for organisational purposes.

If you have business interests then do not post your links in your reply. We have a strict no spam policy. Your posts will be deleted and your IP will be banned from the site. Post a description of your business and your link in the Business Services section of the forum. Add your link and/or creative to your signature, accessible in the Your Control Panel link at the top of the page, then feel free to reply with your helpful information to other users’ posts.

Any questions? Please feel free to post them here.


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