Expat seeking advise!
Posted: 23 November 2011 09:40 PM  
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Hi All,

I hope somebody is able to help me out a bit here.

I lived i Spain i 2001 - 8 month.
I have since lived in England, Switzerland, and France. Last year I moved back home to Denmark after a total of 12 years abroad.

Now I have received a letter from my bank in Spain. In it they write that I own them money and that I have to contact them within 5 days or else…

They do not mention the account number, nor the amount owned, nor is it signed by a person.

As far as I am aware I do not own any money. I did not take out a loan, did not have a credit card nor did I have internet banking.

I am assuming that if there is a debt then it would be due to fees - I didnt and dont speak/read spanish.

My questions are as follows:
If I own money due to fees should they then not have informed me earlier.. it is after all 10 years ago. (the address give when opening the account is my mothers and she is certain no other letters have arrived previously)

Is there a rule as to for how many years they can allow interests to accummulate?

Is there a limit to how old a debt can be for them to continue to have a claim?

I hope somebody are able to help here as receiving this letter have given me a few sleepless nights.

My plan is to answer them - but in writing and not by phone as they demanded, due to my last of spanish I feel its safer..