Part time self employed.
Posted: 29 July 2012 11:37 PM  
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Would someone give me a quick guide to working PT as a self employed person in Spain.  In brief I intend to work maximum 4 months a year and am a full time resident.  All I know (from the natives) is that full timers have to pay in the region of ?350pm and any excess is claimed in your end of year returns. Does this apply to PTers?
Any info is appreciated.

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Hi Phlaaps…
You have to register as autonomo, pay the Eu350pcm Social Security REGARDLESS OF YOUR INCOME/amount you earn.. and pay any tax due at end of tax year (Declaracion de la renta usually submitted in May of following year)...
You can go ‘Baja’ (de-register) for months when you are not working, so likewise, you will not pay any social security payments for these months.

However, be sure you can prove you have a min of Eu5,000 income in a year and private medical cover for months when not on state system.

See the new rules regarding ex pat (eu) residency requirements in Spain!