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I am a new member (just joined this morning) currently in search of US-Spain tax advice. I always done my US taxes my self, but now am in need of a tax consultant, as I am anticipating complications. For instance, we moved this year and donated most of our belongings (only 10 suitcases came with our family of 4). We’ll have my husband’s partial US salary and partial Spain income this year, plus my full US salary and partial Spain income. Since I work abroad for a US company, I have questions about state taxes and witholdings among other things. So much to think about, and now that we are finally settled here, it’s time to start investigating!

Thanks for any advice or contacts you can provide!


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Heather, try Run by an American/Spanish couple, focused on small businesses and tax compliance. If they can’t help you, ask them for referrals for an accountant that can do both US and Spanish returns (they are quite a few out there).


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