Problem with the Spanish Bank
Posted: 01 July 2013 03:58 AM  
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Hi! Everyone, I hope someone has a better knowledge on this matter and hopefully could give me and my husband some advise about our problem.
*My husband is a resident in Spain for about 13 years. (Self-Employed)
*He owed the Spanish bank 10k euros and unfortunately he can?t pay it back.
*There?s no negotiations/actions were taken yet.
*He has a joint property with his ex and he has been paying half of the mortgage for 10 years.
*The property is now for sale.
My questions are as follows:

*If my husband can?t pay the said amount, can the Spanish bank take the house?
*what are the possible actions they can take to get their money back?
*what are the possible ways of solving this problem?

Thank you in advance!!