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EU Property Solutions achieve so many excellent results on behalf of our clients as we continually engage with lenders. We are open and honest and have amicable relationships with lenders and we believe this allows us to achieve the great results on your behalf.

We hear far too many flippant borrowers who have handed the keys back to their bank or local solicitor and felt that this ended the matter. Unfortunately, it is not that easy and these borrowers will be pursued for the debt back in their home state placing assets and income at risk.

From EU Property Solutions experience we find that engaging with lenders brings about a far more amicable and positive result. Given the Spanish Court system is currently inundated with Property repossession cases lenders are far more receptive to attempting open market sales or voluntary surrendering properties. If the best is made of often difficult situations then all parties can resolve the matter satisfactorily.

Also, appointing an intermediary removes stress and emotion from the process. EU Property Solutions understand how each lender works and we can therefore access the right people or department quicker than individuals. We have relationships built over the past year and are trusted advisors within Spanish Banks.

We mention emotion above because debt is incredibly emotional and this clouds many debtors judgement when making proposals to their lenders. This is particularly the case in Spain when properties may have been purchased off plan with many borrowers insisting evidence of mis selling. Whilst this may be the case any legal action would be lengthy and costly whereas EU Property Solutions could end your debt burden and stress in months with an agreed fee from the outset.

So if you or anyone you know be struggling with an overseas property debt issue that needs resolving then please call EU Property Solutions today on +44 (0) 330 124 1230. We can arrange a free initial consultation and providing you supply all the relevant information and documentation our advisers request we can plan a route forward for you.