When is tax for a self employed person payable in Spain and at what rate if payment is quarterly on account
Posted: 04 May 2016 12:25 PM  
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I am considering a move to Barcelona and whilst I will have a contract to guarantee a level of earnings the contract is self employed.

I am struggling to get a definitive answer on when or more particularly at what rate the tax is paid.

It looks like it is paid quarterly on account based on the previous quarters income with a balancing payment made May/June in the year following. 

I have seen figures that say the payments on account are at a rate of 19% each quarter, but someone else has said you need to annualised your quarters income, apply the full tax rates to it and then pay this pro rata for the quarter..

I understand the social security and the initial discounts.

If anyone could clarify the above that would be great plus anything else I may have missed.

Role is financial services and no vat chargeable.

Many thanks