Tax Question: Can I file by mail / post?
Posted: 29 September 2017 01:24 AM  
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Hello! Thank you very much from right now for your thoughts on this, I really appreciate it. I have a question about filing taxes in Spain (as a non-resident property owner): I?m a new property owner, and I?ve run into a question I just can?t figure out. This is my first year paying taxes (IRNR imputed income): I must file Modelo 210, and I’m trying to do it on my own. I have completed and validated (1) the predeclaration for Modelo 210 (via AEAT website); and (2) paid AEAT via my Spanish bank. I cannot make the final, formal presentation to the Hacienda online (because I have now neither a Clave nor a certificado digital), and I cannot present it personally since I am outside of Spain. I have imagined that I can mail (1) Form 210 and (2) the bank justificante (with NRC) to the Hacienda / AEAT. But I cannot figure out (1) if this is a valid way to make the formal presentation;  or (2) the address to which I should send it. I have found in Section 5D (here: ), but I can’t confirm this anywhere else.  If anyone might set me on the right path, I will be very grateful! Thank you! Leah Ashe; .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)