Telefonica monopoly
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Re the above post - ‘Not needing Telefonica any more’...
The co I work for will be running their own fixed phone network - hopefully by Sept.. So watch this space!
(Or PM me if you want me to keep you updated).
I have a post in the Business services section - and you can read a bit more there (although this is to do with the great mobile phone deal we are able to provide).

It seems the monopoly is finally being smashed - Hurrah!

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There do exist several ‘independent’ companies - such as Jazztel, Tele Dos - who already offer their ‘own’ network..
However, they still rent the lines from Telefonica - and that is where the problems can start - I.e A good friend has the latter - and even though she read in the small print ‘should there be any technical difficulties with the line - you will need to pay for an engineer to fix it’... 3 months later and minus ?200 - she has had the technical team out - but line still poor!!!

Whereas… Our outfit OWN their own lines - In fact - they installed all the fibre optic lines for Telefonica back in the 80’s…
But there was an agreement that our co wouldn’t compete with Telefonica for a fixed time.
It would seem that time is now up!!
😊 sj

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Telefonica are about to get the wake up call BT did in the UK.

Although I doubt it will cause many headaches in the boardroom, as Telefonica are a huge group, they`ll find a way.

But it will hopefully help improve service, but hell this is Spain, so I doubt it.

May see a small price war, but that will be about it, and knowing Spanish business, they`ll stick to the known brand.


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Telefonica are about to get the wake up , see it and still there fix line company are good for the market but can all so go bust very fast aswell

dont for get Telefonica have the back bone , not say there the best are worst ......

just problem there few heads that still want to work , but like it was the 70s and dont get a fack due to there wages , fire them and the company come to stop due to strikes
i work with few heads in tf and i had no problem with telphone lines , link links dsl and so on but told dont deal with few heads , i see why

Telefonica belongs to
shareholder   who are BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria)  Spain   6.05   Lib?ration
Brandes Investment Partners, L.P   United States of America   0.9   [Company communication]
Citigroup Inc.  United States of America   0.2   [Company communication]
Franklin Resources, Inc   United States of America   0.5   [Company communication]
Infonet Services Corp.  United States of America   14.5   Les Echos
La Caixa   Spain   5.1  

Telefonica owns

Admira ex-Telefonica Media   Spain   100   [Company communication]
Antena 3   Spain   34   Les Echos
CANTV (CA Nacional Telefonos de Venezuela)    Venezuela   17   Bloomberg
Cesky Telecom AS   Czech Republic   69.4   Les Echos
Colombia Telecom   Colombia   50   Les Echos
CTC (Compania de Telecomunicaciones de Chile)    Chile   44   [Company communication]
Meditel   Tunisia     [Company communication]
O2 ex-BT Wireless   United Kingdom   100   ZDNet
Pearson plc.    United Kingdom   5   La Tribune
Pegaso Telecomunicaciones S.A   Mexico   65   Les Echos
Portugal Telecom   Portugal   10   [Company communication]
Sogecable S.A   Spain   22   [Company communication]
Telefonica Moviles   Spain   100   [Company communication]
Telesp Celular   Brazil     [Company communication]
Terra Networks   Spain   100   Les Echos
TPI Telef?nica Publicidad e Informaci?n SA   Spain   59.9   [Company communication]
and few more comapanys aswell

Claiming that the Spanish telecommunications company, Telefonica S.A. had abused it?s dominant position in the market for broad band access and line lines
and it wholesale market in spain

bouth in the Uk and Ireland when sainstate comapny where broken up it tock time for outhers to back in to the markets
it not easy and hard work
i know do this few time work with this companys


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Just to Update you guys On this Monopoly with Telefonica…

Last Year Telefonica was fined the 2nd biggest European fine in History 1st being Microsoft

As I have posted before I am taking Telefonica To Court With bad Business Practice I also gave my Evidence and Findings to the European Commission, I was told that Telefonica are not following correct Business procedures….
The European Commission have Warned Telefonica back in July 2008 to expect another fine By November if they don?t follow correct Procedure!

They have so far Charged me for a phone and Router I never received and there child like behaviour Customer services They cant speak English…. I spoken to them in English and in Spanish but there so childish they hang up on you!!!

I keep you posted.



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Regarding saving money on phone calls. The undoubted best deal available is go to their website, have a look it is a company that has been doing this for 3 years and offers up to 90% saving on international calls on both your landline and your mobile. There are 1000?s using it both personal and business. You get a free trial of up to 15 minutes and are not committed to anything. No contracts etc.

If you are wanting internet and a landline can offer a very good cheap solution but it is down to where you are. You need to be in the network coverage area and have line of site to an access point. The main area is from Mijas (Mountain) to Cancelada.