Jacqueline Heath, Pianist. A Real Star
Posted: 13 December 2009 04:16 PM  
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If Music be the Food of Love, Play on!

Jacqueline Heath had misplaced her piano compositions, which was disappointing as lady classical composers are as rare as hens? teeth.  Each year Classic FM gives listeners opportunity to vote for their favourite 250 musicians: Not a single one in the 2009 Hall of Fame was a woman. 

The young professional eventually found her music but prejudiced by such thoughts I confess that I expected talented mediocrity, if that isn?t a contradiction in terms. What followed was a set of enchanting melodies of whimsical nature. Had she instead told me she wished to play recently discovered piano pieces composed by better known musicians, I wouldn?t have questioned the quality of her piano airs.

Jacqueline?s prodigious talent became apparent when, from the age of just seven years, she was charming audiences with her virtuoso performances. Clearly having a talent begging to be nurtured her parents enrolled her in London?s celebrated Royal College of Music. Her conservatoire-like experience was crowned by success when she graduated with honours.

Turning left instead of right as she puts it she played London?s most eclectic entertainment venues rather than performing as a soloist at one of the city?s classical ensembles. There was happy consequence of entertaining at the Haven Yacht Club at Tower Bridge, and similar in the Square Mile?s watering holes. She matured into majoring at a repertoire many pianists would find intimidating. Jacqueline is as comfortable with a Chopin ?tude as she is with esoteric jazz greats.

Here on the Costa Blanca she earned rave reviews after backing local and international choirs, including the Cantabile Singers.
The New Year will prelude two of her most whimsical melodies; Orihuela Moonlight and Paseo Maritimo. Giuseppe Verdi never lost faith in the public when it came to their judgement. I think music lovers here on the Costa Blanca will welcome this young composer?s piano airs.

If as Shakespeare claims, ?music be the food of love,? then Jacqueline Heath, a remarkable young woman, will undoubtedly play on, much to the delight of those privileged to enjoy her music. http://barrieandjackie.blogspot.com/


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