Moving to spain and health issues
Posted: 09 January 2011 06:20 PM  
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Hello all,

Myself and my partner are seriously looking into moving to the canary islands. We currently work and have some money behind us and are looking at either renting a property to start or buying straight off. We are not loaded and will be looking at learning the language and finding a job to earn a living.

I have 2 questions really…..

The first is as a citizen of the UK with a british passport is there any restrictions on us moving and working in the canary islands and purchasing property etc…..

and my second question is as my partner is diabetic would she be able to recieve health care (ie insulin etc) while living there or would she need to be working to recieve health care???? If unemployed and she was unable to recieve treatment for her diabetes what costs would be involved??

Thanks in advance

Graham and Jo

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EU citizens can live, work and buy property in any EU country. Healthcare in Spain is contribution based so you need to be working in the system to receive free healthcare (or be a full pensioner) more here