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Their job search for Spain isn't impressive, with only two positions currently advertised...

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Jobs in Spain and job sites for those seeking jobs under the Spanish sun. This list is possibly the most exhaustive list of job sites in Spain on the entire Internet, I shit you not.

Before you go anywhere else, check The SpainExpat Jobs Site...

Hopefully you’ve already read our article on Working in Spain or Being Autonomo. That article should help you consider whether or not to look for a job in Spain or, perhaps, venture out on your own as an independent contractor or freelancer (Autonomo). Also be sure to take a look at the general overview, Making a Living in Spain. Most British and EU expats having no troubles finding a job because they don’t have to acquire a work visa, but anyone not from the EU would do well to consider going the Autonomo route. Most employers in Spain won’t sponsor a work visa for you unless you’re a specialist or they’re desperate. Anyway, keep reading if you’re still looking for your job in Spain.

Job sites in Spain

First, go check out Spain Expat’s jobs in Spain forum where we get job offers and seekers on occasion. Feel free to post once you’re a member (which is free of course).

I’d like to offer you an aggregated list of jobs taken from most of the following job and classifieds sites which would save you from having to go through the upteen dozen sites one by one, but for now we don’t have that working. Instead I’ve just aggregated the list myself.  Most of these jobs sites offer an RSS feed however, so if you’re into RSS then be sure to utilise that technology to save you time in your online job hunt.

I’ve gone to each of the following sites offering jobs in Spain and would like to offer my brief review for each. So if you’re finding the list intimidating at first, be sure to filter out the less appropriate ones for your type of job.

Free Classifeds Jobs in Spain - Self Serve

  1. Probably the premiere classifieds site in Spain, particularly for the major cities. They’ve expanding to include subsites for a ton of other cities around Spain in the last year, utilising a format very similar to CraigsList. Without a doubt it’s the first place I check, whether for jobs, apartments, furniture - anything. Great site. If you don’t find your city/region of Spain in the following list, go to any of them and look on the left hand side for a list of other cities in Spain. Loquo - Jobs in Barcelona | Loquo - Jobs in Madrid | Loquo - Jobs in Valencia | Much more on the site.
  2. The ubiquitous CraigsList has, indeed, expanded its way into Spain - and with a vengeance. So far they’re still relatively small compared to, but getting bigger quickly. It’s the originator of great online classifieds and definitely merits a quick look in their jobs section for each of the following four Spanish cities. Loquo - Jobs in Barcelona | Loquo - Jobs in Madrid | CraigsList - Jobs in Seville | CraigsList - Jobs in Valencia
  3. Andalucia is a good site in general (lots of good info) and they have a decent classifieds service going on as well. Most of their jobs seem to be in Gibraltar (not even Spain, but many people commute to work in Gibraltar while living in Spain. Also a lot of jobs in Malaga. - Jobs in Andalucia
  4. A long-time great site for expats around the world. Their jobs in Spain database gets pretty good traffic and a diverse array of job types in various Spanish cities. Definitely worth a good look. Expatriates - Jobs in Spain
  5. ThinkSpain does a lot of things for visitors and expats in Spain, not all of them well (like helping you navigate their site), but they do have a pretty hoppin’ jobs section in their classifieds for all of Spain. I really liked their scale of language requirements for each position - do check it out. ThinkSpain - Jobs in Spain
  6. I have lots to say about Expatica, but I’ll spare you for now. Their job search for Spain isn’t impressive, with only two positions currently advertised. Be careful of signing up to their mailing list which may be required to enter their jobs and/or working in Spain section. Expatrica - Jobs in Spain
  7. Britscentral: A design that harkens back to the middle ages of 1996. I found less than a dozen current and available jobs in Spain. link [EDIT: Looks like they’ve killed their jobs in Spain pages]
  8. Not a bad site, kinda grassroots-y. It looks like they have a decent message board going on with job postings if you’re interested in positions on Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca… Balearic Jobs’ Board
  9. Jobs in Newcomer using technology to its advantage. seems to be pulling jobs from several sites (some not in English) and serving them up in one place. Great place to start looking! Jobs in
  10. Other City Specific Classifieds with Jobs: Barcelona Check out BarcelonaConnect’s jobs section and once you get there be sure to pick up a copy of Barcelona Metropolitan, the city’s premiere English monthly with lots of jobs in Barcelona. Madrid Couldn’t find anything other than the above. Know any good ones? Let us know in Expat Talkback below.

Major International Job Sites

The following sites are some of the big ones you’ll recognize from back home. All in English.

  1. Yahoo! HotJobs.
  2. in English - They have a surprisingly huge number of jobs all over Spain.
  3. Wall Street Journal’s International Executive Search - Has a few jobs in Spain for the professional and executive class of job seeker.
I found the jobs database. It's huge...

Spanish Job Sites

Of particular importance for those of you who speak Spanish well, the following is a list of the major job sites around Spain but not for expats. These jobs are generally intended to be applied to by Spaniards, but obviously if you speak Spanish (and preferably have the right to work in Spain) then you’ll be fine. Occasionally you’ll find job listings in English.

  1. Info Jobs - The largest job site in Spain. Set aside several hours to complete the registration process and don’t forget a dictionary. It’s a monstrous process and a monstrous list of jobs. An excellent resource however.
  2. Infoempleo - Probably the second largest job site in Spain.
  3. TusAnuncios is a BIG classifieds site, apparently a sister site to InfoEmpleo. They have a ton of jobs, but again, all in Spanish. Nice design plus easy RSS feeds!
  4. CompuTrabajo - A rather ugly site with horrible font/typeface choices, but it’s number one for “empleo españa” in Google. I’m sorry that I didn’t check it out further but it was hurting my eyes; tell me if it’s any good if you do.
  5. The Office of Employment (Oficina De Empleo) - I believe this site wants to be thought of as an official job site of Spain (note the hardcore 90s design elements reminiscent of Spanish governmental sites), but really it’s owned by a private company. Very decent selection of job opportunities.
  6.’s evil Spanish offspring, seems to be playing catchup with the rest of the above noted sites. Doing a good job of it though (no pun intended).
  7. The real Spanish government’s Ministry of State Employment (among other things) wants to offer a list of jobs working for the Government. I just couldn’t find the list myself. In any case, check it out (and run it through a translator for good humour) and let me know if you find the damn list. They also have a nice little ebook on Living and Working in Spain. Oh wait! I found the jobs database. It’s huge, but shared between all of the EU. Go here for Spanish and here for English.

Spanish Newspapers with Jobs in Spain

Just like back home, newspapers are one of the best sources of available jobs in Spain. Unless you’re already fluent in Spanish, again, you’ll probably have some difficulties with this. The links below take you directly to these Spanish newspapers’ jobs sections. FYI, finding the classified ads, jobs and employment sections of some of these sites was painstakingly difficult… be thankful!

Sigues cuando hables bien (no como yo 😉).

Jobs in Spain Recruitment Sites

These sites are for English-speaking expats looking for jobs in Spain.

  1. wemploy specialize in the Costa del Sol region of Spain. Lots of IT and sales jobs, often requiring fluency in Spanish.
  2. RecruitSpain’s site has recently been redeveloped and, even in Firefox, it looks very good. No frills, but no frills are necessary in the job hunt and they say they’re the premier recruitment agency for Spain and Gibraltar. You now do not have to register to see the details of the positions available, and while the registration is a long one, by now you already have your text-based (not Word) CV to copy and paste into the fields right?
  3. seems to focus on jobs in Malaga and Madrid. A couple hundred available jobs, mostly IT and sales.
  4. Job pilot is registered as a ‘.es’ company but actually redirects you to a European job portal site,, which is owned by They had about 100 listed jobs in Spain when I checked, however more than a few were incorrectly listed and should have been posted in Germany. It might be worth a look though.
  5. Laboris has some very nice features and offers their site in four languages. The listed jobs in Spain are nearly all in Spanish and require Spanish, so unless you hablas you might be jodido.
  6. LatPro - I couldn’t find any jobs in Spain. It’s a site for Spanish/English bilingual speakers however, so I’d guess there might more jobs later.
  7. topjobs has been hacked! Hilarious! Go check it out! If the site is back up please let me know.
  8. Ambient Jobs - One of the better expat recruitment sites in Spain. They had quite a few available positions (350+), as usual most jobs are Admin, Accounting, Real Estate and IT related. Nice site design. Definitely worth a look!
  9. Brass Ring is now Kenexa, who sound like a pretty hardcore recruiter. If you’re into the headhunting thing, check them out.
  10. has a very nice site and a hundred or more jobs in Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal.

So that’s it for now, do let us know of any other sites that you find that might have helped you in your job search or talk about it on the Working in Spain forum.

Last updated 16 02 2011

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sharonsanchez68 said:

I think the link for Barcelona metropolitan is broken, but here is the correct one:

I found a job through their classifieds section, and also found loads of help on settling in when i first moved here! It was really helpful!

popeye421 said:

The job advertised as a courier/driver in Malaga is a scam, please note everyone.

Rovind said:


Thought I'd let you know that the Yahoo Hotjobs re-directs to, which assumes you are US based, despite it being able to search for EU/Spanish jobs - doh

Quite a few of the UK job boards also cover Spain.
- has a fairly heathly selection of jobs in EU/Spain.

The latter is aimed at Technology peeps!

Hope this helps

titz said:

I just took my 2nd passport as Spanish citizenship. I am half Spanish and half Filipino. I am now 55 years old. I am residing now in the Philippines. Now my question is whether I can still work in Spain with my age right now? Also, if the government can help or assist me find a job there in Spain and accommodation? With my age I am still fit to work.

unatimlin said:

Thanks for all the advice! Your topjobs site seems to be back, although I can only see jobs in the UK and Ireland.

kristin.langer87 said:

Hi All,

Thanks for this pretty comprehensive list. I can also recommend Talent Search People ( They have a range of jobs for native speakers available.

Thank you.

elsaBP said:

Hi all,

I'd like to add if you are an expat or a bilingual/multilingual job seeker, looking for work in Spain, as well as the Bilingual People fairs ( you can meet recruiters face to face.

Have a look, it can be really useful.

Thank you.

elsaBP said:

Hi all,

I'd like to add if you are an expat or a bilingual/multilingual job seeker, looking for work in Spain, as well as the Bilingual People fairs ( you can meet recruiters face to face.

Have a look, it can be really useful.

I hope this helps a bit 😊


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