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Historic Walking Guides: Gibraltar

Posted by Dreamer

Gibraltar author Tristan Cano takes a fascinating and well-researched look at the Rock’s history and sights in Historic Walking Guides: Gibraltar.

Measuring 2.5 square miles, Gibraltar today is a British territory on the Spanish mainland and the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. It receives thousands of visitors each year, many of whom come to soak up the sun, see the wildlife and marvel at the towering Jurassic limestone that earned Gibraltar its nickname, the Rock.

Gibraltar’s strategic importance as the gatekeeper to the Mediterranean, however, has made the Rock a prize worth fighting for over the centuries. And it is this fascinating and turbulent past that Tristan Cano traces in his book, Historic Walking Guides: Gibraltar.

After a brief introduction to Gibraltar’s history, the book details eight walking routes: Pre-20th Century British Military History, Moorish Gibraltar, North to South, Naval Gibraltar, Guns of Gibraltar, Mediterranean Steps and the Upper Rock, Defensive Fortifications of Gibraltar and, finally, The Great British Pub Crawl. Each walking route is accompanied by a small map and illustrative photos of what you’ll be seeing along the way. The book then provides practical information on local eating, shopping, accommodation and transportation options.

With its great attention to detail and historical fact, Historic Walking Guides: Gibraltar is hands-down a well-written, well-researched book. The reader will also notice the great affection the author has for his homeland.

Although the guidebook mostly reads like an improved-upon cross between a Lonely Planet guide and a university-level history tome, the occasional evidence of wit creeps in with sentences such as this one: “This piece of equipment was used to determine the non-insignificant matter of how long each member would be allocated the Library’s copy of The Times newspaper.”

The guidebook should prove a most rewarding read for the history enthusiast, as well as anyone thinking about sightseeing in Gibraltar and wishing to know more about its rocky history.

Historic Walking Guides: Gibraltar. by Tristan Cano. County Durham: DestinWorld Publishing, 2009. 211 pages. Buy the book in Europe or buy the book in North America.


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Gibraltar author Tristan Cano takes a fascinating and well-researched look at the Rock’s history and sights in Historic Walking Guides: Gibraltar.

Historic Walking Guides: Gibraltar

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