Visas and Residency in Spain

This is often the nitty gritty nasty part of your experience moving to Spain. Working with the consulates to process your visa or residency can be a trial of patience, honesty and even self-reflection (am I not good enough for Spain?). From short term visas (Tourist/Schengen) to long term visas (Nonlucrative/Retirement Visa, Work Visa, Entrepeneurs Visa, etc) to Residency and Citizenship, this is the information critical to keeping your legal status to be in Spain.


"However, it isn’t a lost cause, as the rights of an EU citizen are extended to their family members. So even if the process can be somewhat long and frustrating at times, keep your head up and don’t lose hope. "
- Registering as a Non EU Spouse in Spain

"There’s always two ways around everything and for journalists wanting to work in Spain there’s another option when it comes to getting your Spanish working visa."
- Freelance Journalist Visa for Spain

"Start looking for jobs. "
- The EU Blue Card in Spain

"You’re now looking for a way to legally extend your time in Spain. What to do? "
- Arraigo Social: Staying Legal in Spain When All Else Fails

"One-year student visas may be extended. Six-month student visas may not."
- Student Visas for Spain

"You will need a letter of motivation! It doesn't say so on the site, but my lawyer is having us do one and I've heard other people say they need one! It's basically a love letter to Spain."
- Non-Lucrative Visa (NLV) Spain: American Edition

"You do not need to apply for a Schengen tourist visa to travel to Spain and the Schengen area if you meet the following conditions…"
- Schengen Visa for Spain: The Tourist Visa

"In a world where our spending power has simply vanished to the demons of rampant inflation, imagine how happy you will be saving 50%+ of your monthly income"
- Digital Nomad Visa In Spain

"To obtain Spanish citizenship you will need to swear loyalty to the King and promise to obey the Spanish Constitution and laws. "
- Spanish Citizenship and Dual Nationality

"If you hold this visa, you must stay in Spain for 183 days out of each year to maintain your residency. This automatically makes you a tax resident of Spain, so be aware that this visa will have tax consequences for you"
- Counting Your Days in (and Outside of) Spain

"As with most information about the bureaucracies of Spain, it's only a guide in your efforts toward a work visa."
- Work Visa for Spain

"...the legalisation procedure is difficult, lengthy, and expensive for everyone, making Spain an illogical choice for those who do not intend to be here for at least 2 to 3 years.""
- Visa for Spain