Lifestyle in Spain

You can find all (or a lot of) the information you will need to establish yourself and your life (social, practical, household, etc.) in Spain. Integrating yourself into both the Spanish culture and the expat community will help make your new place of residence your "home."


"You prefer UHT milk."
- You know you’ve lived in Spain when….

"Synagogues, kosher restaurants and community centers are springing up across the country with more being established every year."
- Jewish Spain

"The not-to-be missed season of open-air terrazas and music festivals"
- Weather in Spain

"Let this be an opportunity to participate in the grand tradition of the Spanish tapas crawl. "
- The Vegetarian’s Survival Guide to Spain

"It’s not uncommon to find shops and businesses closed for the entire month (probably 70%) and many city dwellers travel to the country to stay with family and friends. "
- Spanish Holidays

"Some of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world can be found here...""
- English Church Services in Spain

"Whether based on religious devotion or the secular love of a good party, Spain organizes festivals like few can..."
- Fiestas in Spain

"Even with the proliferation of fast food chains and the almost complete disappearance of the mythical after-lunch siesta, a Spanish lunch is still a rather leisurely affair. "
- Spanish Recipes and Cuisine

"Spain has a very rich literary tradition."
- Spanish Art & Culture

"Americans are obsessed and stressed about work -- individual achievement there is the measure of self-worth.""
- Spanish Cultural Commentary

"Euro stores, sometimes called Chinos, like dollar stores in North America, offer great deals on all the little home articles you'll need."
- Shopping! in Spain