Financial Matters in Spain

Think of all the monetary concerns for someone moving to Spain. Does Spain have ATMs and what kinds of charges are there? How might I file my income taxes from abroad? Can I get a Spanish bank account? Are they on the peseta or the Euro? Just how much money am I going to have to make to live? We've tried to gather the answers to those questions and more.


"In Spain, the average costs of buying, with a mortgage equal, are circa 10% of the purchase price."
- Spain, So Just How Much Are We Talking About?

"An average restaurant per person bill is 12€. A glass of beer or wine at a bar is 1.75€. A tapa is 3€ (or free in parts of Andalucia).""
- Cost of Living in Spain

"Bank transfer: This is the best way if you need more money than an ATM machine can manage.""
- Currency Exchange and Solutions for Expats

"... be aware that when you go to a local bank to open your account, the employee probably won't speak English, and won't have experience in this type of account...""
- Banks in Spain and Spanish Bank Accounts for Expats

"Income taxes in Spain should be paid between May 1 and June 30 for the previous year’s income."
- Taxes in Spain

"But what might happen if the worst were to pass: the collapse of the Euro and a return to the peseta?"
- Spain Returns to the Peseta

"Americans must file a US tax return, regardless of where they live."
- Filing Taxes as a US Expat in Spain