Languages in Spain

You're moving to Spain and want to know more about how the heck you're going to communicate with the people. Spain has four major languages: Castellano (Spanish), Catalan, Gallego/Galician and Euskera (Basque). Depending on which part of Spain you're living in you may need to learn more than just one language, and that can get tricky. Here we present all we know about these languages and all our tips to help your communication skills develop as quickly and painlessly as possible.


"Prices are low and so classes tend to fill up rather quickly at the Official Schools of Languages. "
- The Best Ways to Learn Spain’s Other Languages

"Non-Spaniards sometimes affectionately refer to the Castillian "th" pronunciation of the "c" and "z" as a lisp."
- Castellano vs. Español

"Slang you may not find in your dictionary"
- Spanish Slang

"Sometimes just saying you speak Spanish isn’t enough."
- Certifying Your Language Skills

"Catalan is the native language of over 40% of Catalunya’s population and is the day-to-day language of over 50%.""
- The Languages of Spain: More Than Spanish

"When you find that your foreign accent is too thick for people to understand you, THAT’S when we should start paying attention to improving our clarity with pronunciation."
- Mastering the Spanish Accent

"For example, you might need a sworn translation of your birth certificate (or divorce certificate) if you plan to marry (or remarry) in Spain"
- Sworn Translations in Spain

"It's like training a muscle. "
- The Best Ways to Learn Spanish

"Many city governments and provincial governments in Spain offer courses as a service for immigrants, quite often for free.""
- Important Lessons for Expats Learning Spanish