Working in or from Spain

You have the dream. You want to live in Spain. You ask yourself (because you're not retired yet), 'how can I make this work? I guess I'll need a job...' and thus is born your search for work in Spain. If you have an EU passport you're in a much better position to find work here, whether it's teaching English or IT work or bartending. If you're non-EU, you're going to find the going much tougher. There's still some hope of finding a sympathetic or sly employer who is willing to risk fines to avoid paying taxes and employing good workers. Plus there's always the chance of an another amnesty.


"Their job search for Spain isn't impressive, with only two positions currently advertised..."
- Jobs in Spain

"If you have the opportunity, visit Spain, find a job and accommodation, then return home to process the visa."
- Working in Spain, Being Autonomo

"Most teachers will be able to save at least 1000 € per month of camp..."
- Teach English in Spain: Teaching at Summer Camps

"... we advise you to start your adventure in teaching and your new life in Spain by taking a TEFL course."
- Teach English in Spain: Teaching TEFL/TESOL, TEFL Courses

" a foreign resident living in Spain, they will be looking for people like you."
- Film Jobs Working in Spain

"If you’re craving the Spanish sun, sangria and laissez-faire lifestyle, but are having trouble cutting through immigration’s red tape (which has tightened it’s reins over the years), the Spanish government might have a solution…"
- North American Cultural Ambassadors

"As with most information about the bureaucracies of Spain, it's only a guide in your efforts toward a work visa."
- Work Visa for Spain

"Now you're ready to start writing your CV.""
- How to Write a Great Spanish-Style CV or Resume

"Once you factor in your transit time, fees and lesson planning you realize just how little you’re actually making."
- Teach English in Spain: Teach Private Classes

"There’s always two ways around everything and for journalists wanting to work in Spain there’s another option when it comes to getting your Spanish working visa."
- Freelance Journalist Visa for Spain

"This may be a discouraging but realistic perspective on TEFL/TESOL English teaching in Spain."
- Teaching English in Spain

"During the last amnesty there were 600,000 illegal workers brought into the system, a few of them English teachers..."
- Teach English in Spain: The To Do List For Becoming a Teacher

"Even without the visa there are opportunities in the still strong black money market "
- Teaching English in Spain: Teaching In the Black