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Dating and hanging with mates. Day trips and activities for expats living in Spain. Take advantage of already being here, learn something about your new home, and travel in the off season for cheap.


"Although sport in Spain has been traditionally dominated by football, Spain offers a vast selection of sporting options..."
- Sports In Spain

"There are now more than double the number of single women aged 28-34 than there were only five years ago; accordingly, the industries built around singles and dating in Spain has adapted, catering to every demographic looking for Spanish love."
- Dating in Spain Tips

"Word of warning. Do NOT plonk yourselves down within a defined COTO DE CAZA. You could get yourself shot – at the least! - especially if you remotely resemble a hare."
- Camping in Spain

"Spain also boasts one of the largest indoor ski resorts in Europe allowing you to ski 365 days a year no matter what the weather or ability level. "
- Skiing In Spain

"Growing steadily in popularity, tennis is fast becoming the new "it" sport in Spain. "
- Tennis In Spain

"With over eight million singles in Spain, the country has jumped on the online dating bandwagon and it is now the third-most popular way of finding a partner, after friends and co-workers "
- The Hottest Way To Find Spanish Love

"Currently, it is estimated that 10% of Spanish people live in same-sex couples, or are attracted to the same sex, meaning that there are around four million lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered people in Spain..."
- Gay In Spain

"Some people are definitely looking to get hitched, despite the divorce rate these days (which, is coincidentally only 17% in Spain compared to over 50% in the UK , USA , Canada and Australia).""
- Dating in Spain

"D’en Bossa Beach is one of Spain’s main party beaches and a stone’s throw away from the clubs and keepers of the famous Ibiza sound on Spain’s riotous island of Ibiza."
- Beaches in Spain