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Spain Internet: ADSL, Cable and Wireless

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    Cable Internet service is a good alternative to ADSL internet , but not all areas are covered."
  • Spain Expat's Technology in Spain section brings you... Information on Internet services in Spain, for expatriates living in Spain. Free Internet via dialup, ADSL and Cable modem services through various providers like Telefonica, Auna, ONO, and Wanadoo. Further information about wireless (wifi) Internet, and wardriving in Spain.
TV in Spain, Satellite and more

Tagged: technology, canalplus, satellite, digibox, astra, reception, television, tv, channel, dubbed, english, sky tv in spain, watch tv online, british tv, spain tv, sky digital, tv in spain, via digital, spain television, british terrestrial tv, sky tv spain, online tv

    Some installers can get the card for you, but don't ask where they got it from or how.
  • Spain Expat's Technology in Spain section brings you... Information on general TV in Spain, English language television in Spain, including foreign language, satellite/Sky TV, digital, online TV and other options for expatriates living in Spain.
VoIP in Spain: Vonage, Skype and Other VoIP Providers

Tagged: adsl, technology, internet, voip, skype, vonage, adapters, vonage spain, voice over ip, voip providers in spain, vonage in spain, voip service, cable modem, woip in spain, spain voip

    The only difference is the lower phone bills.
  • Spain Expat's Technology in Spain section brings you... VoIP allows you cheap calls home and to receive them for free, but how can you get the service here in Spain? Here we provider information about getting VoIP from Skype, Vonage and other providers via your Internet connection.
Spain Telephones, Telefónica & Cheap Calls from Spain

Tagged: telefonica, technology, mobile, calling, cheap, telephone, phone, jazztel, voip, call, auna, installation, locutorio, callback, cheap calls, cheap calls spain, phone card, phone number, long distance

    Note that only 900 numbers are toll-free; 90x numbers are not."
  • Spain Expat's Technology in Spain section brings you... Information on both local calling and cheap calls internationally. Telefonica, Re-seller phone services, phone cards, and long distance calling from cellular/mobile phones.
Mobile / Cell Phones in Spain

Tagged: telefonica, technology, mobile, cell phone, calling, gprs, telephone, phone, vodafone, cell, amena, libre, contract, sms, text message, pay as you go, cell phone in spain, mobile phone in spain

    If you're without an NIE, you'll be stuck with a pay-as-you-go mobile which you'll have to recharge all the time and pay higher rates..."
  • Spain Expat's Technology in Spain section brings you... Information on mobile and cell phones in Spain, contract and pay-as-you-go phones and an overview of mobile phone service providers, including Movistar, Vodafone and Orange.
Wireless Internet For a Rural Community: Broadband Almost Anywhere in Spain

Tagged: telefonica, adsl, technology, internet in spain, gprs, rural, 3g, router, isdn, wireless, broadband, onspeed, satellite internet, dial up, wireless internet, wifi in spain

    ... villages in Nepal, Africa, USA, UK. They have solved the problem in a similar way to that which I’m about to describe by using second hand, home made/modified, or off the shelf equipment.
  • Spain Expat's Technology in Spain section brings you... Kevin Dillon finally shares his secrets with expats everywhere. You too can now setup a wireless web connection for your rural home in Spain. Check out more conventional ways to connect to the Internet at our more general Internet in Spain page.
Electricity in Spain

Tagged: technology, electricity, electronics, endesa, adapter, transformer, current, volts, electrical, gasnatural, wattage, ferreteria, appliance, 240 volt

    ...most new electronics like digital cameras (or their chargers rather), external harddrives, printers, mp3 players, and of course laptops/computers are of the 110V - 240V variety."
  • Spain Expat's Technology in Spain section brings you... Information on your electronics, electrical appliances and setting up electicity for your flat or house.
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Technology in Spain

Today's expats bring laptops and computers, call home over the Internet and need to be in contact 24 hours a day. Or maybe not, but in any case, the Technology section of Spain Expat brings you information about the electrical system in Spain, Voice Over IP phones for calling home for free, how to get the Internet and wifi, and where to get your new cellular/mobile phone in Spain.

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