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Embassies and Consulates for English Speaking Countries

Tagged: consulate, embassies, embassy, irish, australian, canadian, dutch, consul, british honorary

    ...should give you an idea of what to expect or not expect from yours."
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Spain Expat's helpful list of embassies and consulates for your home country and Spain. Includes American, Canadian, British, Irish, Australian, and Dutch embassies in Spain.
Getting Married in Spain - Non-EU Foreigners Marrying a Spaniard

Tagged: madrid, marriage, non-eu, getting married, marrying, spaniard, us citizen

    You have decided to tie the knot with your Spanish honey. The first thing you need to do is get all your US paperwork in order.
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... A quick guide for what you will need to get married to a Spaniard as a non-EU citizen. This is based on a Madrid-based experience with a US citizen.
Spanish Citizenship and Dual Nationality


    To obtain Spanish citizenship you will need to swear loyalty to the King and promise to obey the Spanish Constitution and laws.
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Information about the different paths to becoming a Spanish citizen, how to apply for Spanish nationality, and issues regarding dual nationality.
The Tourist Visa: Staying in Spain and the Schengen Area

Tagged: spain visa, schengen, schengen visa, spain tourist visa, spain short stay visa, europe tourist visa, schengen country, category c, visa exempt, tourist visa, schengen acquis, spain short term visa, schengen area, schengen countries, eu tourist visa

  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... The most up-to-date guide on the Schengen tourist visa, category C on the web, and for those traveling to Spain in particular.
EU Residency in Spain for EU Citizens, Their Spouses and Family Members


  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... How to obtain Spanish residency for EU citizens, their spouses and their non-EU family members: the registration certificate (certificado de registro) and the EU-family member residence card (tarjeta de residencia de familiar de ciudadano de la Unión) revealed
The EU Blue Card in Spain

Tagged: visa, requirements, eu work visa, what is the blue card, apply for blue card, blue card spain, blue card, european union, eu residence visa, eu blue card

    Start looking for jobs.
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Information about the special European Union work and residence visa scheme for highly-skilled non-EU citizens called the EU Blue Card, including the requirements for, the benefits of, and how to apply for the EU Blue Card.
Student Visas for Spain

Tagged: student visa spain, long-term student visa spain, work on student visa spain, 6 month student visa spain, more than 180 day student visa spain, short-term student visa spain, 90 day student visa spain, year student visa spain, 180 day student visa spain

    One-year student visas may be extended. Six-month student visas may not.
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Information about student visas in Spain: the different types, the requirements, and how to obtain one. Also, the rules about working on a student visa.
Arraigo: Staying Legal in Spain When All Else Fails


    You’re now looking for a way to legally extend your time in Spain. What to do?
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Information about obtaining permission to stay in Spain through arraigo social (social ties) or arraigo laboral (economic ties), including what this means, eligibility requirements and application procedures.
Social Security in Spain

Tagged: working in spain, health care, unemployment, retirement, doctors, spanish social security number, social security benefits spain, unemployment benefits spain, social security in spain, social security spain, retirement benefits spain

    You will need to be part of the Social Security system.
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Information about Social Security in Spain. How to get a Social Security number in Spain and where to get it. How much Social Security costs. Healthcare, unemployment, and retirement benefits.
Voting in Spain


    Keep in mind that if you can vote in Spain, then you can run for office too!"
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Voting as a foreigner: Who can vote in Spain's elections and how to register to vote. Voting from abroad: Who can and how to vote in your home country's elections.
Visa for Spain

Tagged: residency, spain visa, passport, residence, holiday, consulate, student visa spain, visa spain, embassies, embassy, retire, immigration, consulates, retirement visa spain, residency in spain, visa for spain, spain residency

    ...the legalisation procedure is difficult, lengthy, and expensive for everyone, making Spain an illogical choice for those who do not intend to be here for at least 2 to 3 years."
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Spain Expat's comprehensive information for obtaining the various visas -other than a working visa- and residency information: retirement visas, self- employment or investment visas and more.
Registering as a Non EU Spouse in Spain

Tagged: foreign, marriage, non-eu, residencia, work visa, register, register, spouse, spouse, oficina de extranjeros, oficina de extranjeros, residence card, residence card

    However, it isn’t a lost cause, as the rights of an EU citizen are extended to their family members. So even if the process can be somewhat long and frustrating at times, keep your head up and don’t lose hope.
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Information about how to get a residence and work visa in Spain as a non EU Spouse.
NIE, DNI, NIF, CIF, Social Security

Tagged: residency, nie, social security, spain, legal, dni, card, id, nif, cif, residencia, identification, number, numero de identidad de extranjero, residency card

    This, of course, does not mean you get automatic residency in Spain, nor will it make it any easier to get residency."
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Information on getting your NIE, social security number and other forms of identification. Explanations of the NIE, DNI, NIF, CIF, social security number and their relevancy for residency for expatriates living in Spain.
Driving in Spain: Licenses and Regulations

Tagged: legal, eu driving license, spanish driving license, international license, vehicle insurance, non-eu driving license, spanish driver's license, non-eu driver's license, eu driver's license

    Getting a Spanish driver's license can be expensive because you have to take classes. The good news is you can study for and take the test in English."
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Information on driver’s licenses and regulations in Spain.
Consumer Complaint Forms - Hojas de Reclamaciones in English

Tagged: spanish business, reclamación, complaint, misrepresentation, consumer, hojas de reclamaciones, spanish customer complaints, official complaints, complaint form

    It isn't a magic wand, but very often it works like one ....
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... This article is about what are, and how to use, the official consumer complaint forms, known as Hojas de Reclamaciones, which allow any consumer who has a complaint against a Spanish restaurant, bar, shop, service provider, and many other businesses, to enter the complaint officially and easily.
The Gestor / Gestoria

Tagged: taxes, legal, gestor, abogado, contable, gestión, gestoría, trámite, spanish bureaucracy, spanish administration, spanish solicitor

    The gestor knows his way around the intricacies of Spanish administrative bureaucracy ....
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Gestores are often mentioned on the forum and articles around the site when discussing issues of bureaucracy. We realized many of you don't know what a gestor is or how to find one. This article is to inform you about what a gestor is and what he/she can do for you.
Getting Married, Weddings & Giving Birth in Spain

Tagged: legal, marriage, getting married, marrying, citizenship, birth, divorce, eloping, elope, legally, matrimony, wedding, libro de familia

    A child born in Spain is not automatically a Spanish citizen..."
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Information about getting married, registering a wedding, eloping and giving birth for expatriates in Spain.
Wills: The Legal Will & Inheritance in Spain

Tagged: legal, property, lawyer, inheritance, will, notary

    ...the process is much simpler if there's a Spanish will."
  • Spain Expat's Legal in Spain section brings you... Information about Spanish wills.
Legal Photo

Legal in Spain

For many, the legalities of moving to and living in Spain are some of the most difficult and time consuming part of your transition as an expatriate in Spain. Most expats, however, are coming from England or other EU countries, and for them the legal process is much easier.

If you aren't blessed with EU citizenship, then know that many expats live in Spain without legal status by keeping a low profile. Be sure to visit your Oficina de Extranjeros in your province when you first arrive to qualify for future health benefits and for proof of your time spent here in case of Amnesty. Know that finding a job can be very difficult without a visa, but unlike many EU countries, the government systems aren't often linked nor share information, so you may be fine until you pursue your citizenship later.

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