Guidelines for Writing for Spain Expat

Last updated April 03 2021

It's fantastic to see your interest in writing for Spain Expat! Did you know that this site started as a 5 page blog by an American expat in 2001? There are now over 230,000 members!

The following guidelines are intended to help you better understand what we're looking for, clarify our journalistic standards, and help you improve the performance of your articles.

Above all, our primary goal is to be the most useful resource on the Internet for English-speakers moving to Spain. That means our advice and information offers a practical, useful perspective on how to overcome the challenges of emigration, immigration, and integration. It does not mean we regurgitate the law. We are creative, bold, and practical. 

Bloggers blogging

Most of our contributions will be from bloggers. It's straight forward to channel your current passion and hobby into a potential career with Spain Expat. We're excited to work with you and see what you're capable of. 

We will almost never accept syndicated or duplicated content published elsewhere unless our site's version becomes the primary, canonical version on the Internet. Transferring an article you wrote to can be a great option in a case where you want to benefit from the orders of magnitude more traffic on than your own blog. You'll still get to keep the article on your blog but transfer the canonical rights to us. 

Adapted content is a tricky thing because Google is quite good at detecting copy/pasted bits of content and happy to penalize a site for it unless it's properly quoted and sourced. If your article idea heavily reuses another site's content, it's probably worthwhile to consider whether it could be rewritten entirely as a new story from your own perspective. 

Tips for Success

  • Write 2000-3000+ word posts
  • Add 7+ visuals per post
  • Write 7+ draft headlines per post
  • Collaborate with influencers for most articles
  • Include expert or authoritative quotes
  • Research keywords
  • Include a video
  • Do original research whenever possible
  • Update your articles once every 6-12 months

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Doing Original Research

We highly encourage original research, plus it can be fun. One of the easiest ways to do original research is using social media surveys! If you're contributing an article, let us know and we can help spread your survey to our 100,000+ social media reach!

How to Post and Submit an Article

There are a couple of ways we can do it. The easiest way is for you to sign up as a member on and then email us to convert your account to have writing and editing permissions, and we'll send you information about how to access the content management system. You'll be able to create a draft of the article, add content, images, links, descriptions, keywords, etc. This is certainly the best option for anyone planning to do multiple articles or learning the trade of online content creation. 

Alternatively, send us an email with your article in a document or with hyperlink(s) in place and send it to this email address.

Note that we will require a few other items to round out your profile: a photo and a short biography. Optionally add interests, social media links and a link to your blog to your profile as well.

Before you submit an article, please check for grammar errors. We reserve the right to correct small errors before publishing, but if your submission contains numerous errors, it will be rejected.

SEO, Linking and Backlinks carries an authoritative online rank that we work hard to protect. SEO is a tough game and the Spanish expat market is rife with new sites and blogs every day. Don't start a new site and expect to profit from it if you can't stick with it for 5-10 hours a week for the next 2 years ( started in 2001!). The better option is to partner with and help us build a better, safer space for expats moving to and living in Spain while leveraging our authority and rank to boost the visibility of your articles while you get paid. 

Given the above, please note that any and all links in the post will be removed at our discretion unless clearly relevant and linking to the most authoritative source. The only backlink explicitly authorized will be the one in your profile. We may add cross links to other content and related links for more information, and indeed we will cross link our other articles to yours as well.


We will publish all posts that adhere to the submission guidelines within 14 days.


How much can you make? That depends on your article's performance. Currently Spain Expat incentivizes our contributors through Adsense. For any articles posted live, 100% of Adsense revenue is kept by the author under these conditions:

1. You create your own Adsense account and provide your publisher ID
2. The article remains unique to the Internet (we use copyscrape to verify)
3. The article remains live

To get a rough estimate of how much this could be, Adsense normally pays around 5-20€ per 1000 views of an article, depending on the topic, and most articles generate between 200-2000 pageviews per month or more for trending topics.

If you have other ideas for compensation, please get in touch with your proposal.