Living in Spain

The living in Spain section covers information about meeting your more basic needs for life in Spain. You'll find information for finding property/real estate, apartments in Spain, schools and university programs, health care and medical insurance, English-speaking doctors, and sending mail through the postal system.


"A property owner might find that the committee insists on the removal of a new addition simply because the colour or design does not comply...."
- Comunidad de Propietarios: Part 2, The Nitty Gritty

" sure to make a list of the receipts and verifications needed for costs reimbursement."
- Doctors in Spain

"Not all homologation is the same. For your university degree, you can apply for one of two types: equivalency to a specific official Spanish university degree or equivalency to a particular Spanish university degree level."
- Getting Your University Degree Recognized in Spain

"...if you're expecting a parcel from home, double or triple the normal expected time, although it should eventually arrive.""
- Sending/Receiving Mail and Packages in Spain

"This is the committee made up of your immediate neighbours who, like it or not, have the right to meddle in your affairs..."
- The Comunidad de Propietarios for Property Owners

"Before we go any further, please memorize this number: 112. "
- Emergency Telephone Numbers in Spain

"... due to the real-estate boom generated by foreign investment over the last few years, the prices have risen rather dramatically."
- Apartments in Spain

"The good news is that the builders have caught up to demand, so brokers cannot keep charging high rates.""
- Real Estate in Spain

"The car might be for sale because the owner knows about an ITV problem that is not obvious..."
- Buying and Selling a Second Hand Car in Spain

"If your university of choice in Spain does not have an existing relationship with your home university there are a couple of options available in order to still be able to attend that particular school."
- University Exchange Programs in Spain

"There are over 51 public and 21 private universities spanning the entire country with higher concentrations of universities in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. "
- Universities In Spain

"If you like looking at schlong and boobs then this is your spot. Other highlights of Poble Nou include the big penis building, known as Monumental (coincidence?)"
- Where to live in Barcelona

"That said, you can occasionally "beat the system" with luck and persuasion."
- Public Healthcare in Spain

"The list of international education programs continues to grow as Spain and the rest of the EU make efforts to implement the Lisbon Strategy..." "
- Schools and Higher Education in Spain

"Villas are generally rented by the month, although you can ask about a year-long contract if this would be of interest to you."
- Villas in Spain

"Someone who is not entitled to social health care has the option of getting private care, which requires paying a monthly fee for private coverage ."
- Pregnant in Spain!