Non-Lucrative Visa: RENEWAL

Most holders of the visado no-lucrativo have a general sense of what will be required for their renewal, but the details can be tricky. It's easy to neglect critical documentation or misunderstand the conditions of renewal, so while the cost of missing information is low, a violation of the terms of the non-lucrative visa (NLV) can result in rejection or even deportation. The good news is that most renewals do not require the services of an immigration attorney if you have been in Spain for more than six months in your first year renewal or more than eighteen months for your third year renewal.

Purchase the Non-lucrative Visa Renwal service to hire a gestor or an asesoria to guide you through the renewal process. He or she will set up a call to discuss the conditions and process, then review and advise on all of your evidence, documentation, and forms to be submitted to the relevant institution. 


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