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01 March 2021

The Fastest Growing Sport in Espana

Information about tennis in Spain. Where to play, how much it costs and some of the best private and public courts across the country

Growing steadily in popularity, tennis is fast becoming the new "it" sport in Spain.

Long regarded as an elite sport in Spain, tennis, along with most other racquet sports have taken a little longer to attract Spaniards to jump on the bandwagon. For years tennis lacked in appeal due to a shortage of public tennis courts, in conjunction with high prices for private clubs. Lately, however, Spain has become one of the world’s strongest tennis countries and now produces some of the world’s best players. 
Growing steadily in popularity, tennis is fast becoming the new “it” sport in Spain. Thanks to Rafael Nadal´s continuous rise to stardom and the increase in tennis courts and clubs across the country, tennis is becoming the new sport of choice for singles, families and those looking to get a little exercise all year round. 
Due to Spain’s incredibly accommodating climate, tennis lovers can play outside most of the year on the thousands of courts around the country.
Check out some of the best places to play tennis in Spain:

Tennis In Barcelona

There are several clubs throughout the city where non members can play. Two of the more well known clubs include Val d’Hebron and Pompea, near Montjuic. Typically more popular, as it has both a mixture of green (hard) and clay courts, Val d’Hebron games are 21 euros per hour for clay courts and 13 euros for a hard court. Pompea is slightly cheaper at 12 euros an hour, however there are only clay courts and fewer of them.

Some of the other clubs where non members can play include:

Club Natacio Montjuic:
10 clay courts and 1 grass court. 
Weekdays between 2-5pm: 14 euros an hour 
Weekends between 1-10pm: 17 euros an hour

Club Tenis Vall Parc
13 clay courts 
19 euros an hour

Pineda Gava in Gava
14 clay courts
12 euros an hour

Club de Tenis Andres Gimeno in Castelldefels
1 hard court and 23 clay courts
22 euros an hour

For those looking for free membership with the tennis club, check out: 

A list of tennis clubs in and around Barcelona with tennis courts:

Club Tennis Barcino
Address: Pl Narcisa Freixas, 2*3
District: Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
Telephone: 934170805

Club Tennis Horta 1912
Address: C Campoamor, 66
District: Horta-Guinardó
Telephone: 934272702

Club Tennis La Salut
Address: C Mare de Déu de la Salut, 75
District: Gràcia
Telephone: 932132400

Club Tennis Vall Parc
Address: Ctra Sant Cugat, 97
District: Gràcia
Telephone: 932126789

Club Turó David Lloyd
Address: Av Diagonal, 673-685
District: Les Corts
Telephone: 933342012

Reial Club de Tennis Barcelona
Address: C Bosch i Gimpera, 5*13
District: Les Corts
Telephone: 932063583

Reial Societat Tennis Pompeia
Address: Camí Foixarda, 2*4
District: Sants-Montjuïc
Telephone: 933251348
Themes:  Tennis / Tennis

Tennis Municipal de Montjuïc
Address: C Foixarda, 2*4
District: Sants-Montjuïc
Telephone: 933251348
Link to tennis camps in Spain

Tennis In Madrid

In 2002 Madrid became part of the international circuit of the Association of Tennis Professionals and joined the list of cities hosting the Masters Series. Due to the incredible success of the event, Madrid has now become one of the tennis capitals of the world.

For current information about tennis, the Madrid Tennis Federation ([url=][/url]) is the place to go to find out about schools, clubs and courts as well as things like wheelchair tennis and more specialized games.

In a few years Madrid plans on creating the Madrid Manzanares Park, which will be home to the tennis center, dubbed, the Magic Box. This is set to be a one of a kind creation, with covered stadiums and stands capable of seating 12,000, 3,500 and 2,500 spectators respectively. The complex is going to have 16 outdoor courts, 5 indoor courts with seating for 500 spectators and 6 covered training courts.

Tennis Clubs in Madrid: 
Alameda Tennis Club
Address: Paseo de la Alameda de Osuna, 52. Madrid.
Telephone: 91 741 06 94    

Municipal Tennis Facilities in the Casa de Campo
Address: Casa de Campo, s/n. Madrid.
Telephone: 91 464 96 17    

International Tennis Club
Address: Carretera del Plantío, Km. 3. Majadahonda.
Telephone:91 639 20 52    

La Moraleja Tennis Club
Address: Camino Nuevo, 80-92. Alcobendas.
Telephone: 91 650 71 61    

Fuencarral Tennis Club
Address: Pau Montecarmelo. Calle del Monasterio de las Huelgas, 15. Madrid.
Telephone: 91 372 10 84    

Golf Park 
Address: La Moraleja Business Park. Avenida de Europa, 10. Alcobendas.
Telephone: 91 661 44 44    

Madrid Paddle Tennis Association
Address: Carretera de Madrid-El Pardo (M-605), Km. 1. Madrid.
Telephone: 91 373 62 87    

In a few years Madrid plans on creating the Madrid Manzanares Park, which will be home to the tennis center, dubbed, the Magic Box.

Tennis in Andalucia

The south of Spain boasts a mild climate thus being one of the best places for outdoor tennis to be played year round. As tennis increases in popularity there are now a surprising number of public courts springing up even in some of the smallest towns Malaga Malaga Tennis Club Calle San Antón, 22-24 29018 Malaga El Casco Tennis Club Urb. El Rosario, s/n, Elviria 29600 Marbella, Malaga Tel: + 34 952837651 La Colina Tennis Club Urb. Colina, s/n 29620 Torremolinos, Malaga Tel: + 34 952051237 Estepona Tennis Club Urb. Abejeras, s/n 29680 Estepona, Malaga Tel: + 34 952801579 Monte Alegre S.L. Tennis Club Pago Caño, s/n, Torros costa 29793 Torrox, Malaga Tel: + 34 952531414 Cadiz Gaviota Tennis Club Ctra. N-340, s/n 11360 San Roque, Cadiz Tel+ 34 956782546 Algeciras Tennis Club Ctra. Málaga, s/n 11203 Algeciras, Cadiz Tel: + 34 956633040 La Barrosa Tennis Club Robalo, s/n 11130 Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz Tel: + 34 956496105 Cordoba La Torca de Lucena Tennis Club Cno. Torca, s/n 14900 Lucena, Cordoba Tel: + 34 957591470 Granada Frontil Tennis Club Bda. Frontil, 1 18300 Loja, Granada Tel: + 34 958322856 Cid-Hiaya Tennis Club Ctra. Murcia, km 174 18800 Baza, Granada Tel: + 34 958700642 Montesinos Tennis Club Cno. Cortes, s/n 18800 Baza, Granada Tel: + 34 958342352 Sociedad Deportivo Tennis Club Playa Velilla, s/n 18690 Almuñecar, Granada Tel: + 34 958881025 Seville El Pino Tennis Club Autov. A-92, km 16 41500 Alcala de Guadaira, Seville Tel: + 34 955613174 Oromana Tennis Club Av. Portugal, s/n 41500 Alcala de Guadaira, Seville Tel: + 34 955680919 Real Betis Tennis Club San Salvador, s/n 41013 Seville, Seville Tel+ 34 954233622 Bellavista S.L. Tennis Club Pol.ind. La Isla, 39 41700 Dos Hermanas, Seville Tel: + 34 954930009 Pitamo Bellavista Tennis Club Ctra. Quintos, s/n 41080 Seville, Seville Tel: + 34 954690876 More Tennis Clubs Across Spain: Almeria Adra Tennis Club Gerona 40. 04770 Adra, Almeria Tel: + 34 950522163 Indalo Tennis Club Llano Norieta, District: s/n . 04250 PECHINA Tel. 950317263 Almeria Tennis Club District: Ctra. N-340, 119 Urb. Club de Tennis 04230 Huercal mde Almeria Tel: + 34 950300104 El Ejido Tennis Club Av. Oasis, s/n 04700 El Ejido Huelva Ayamonte Tennis Club District: Ctra. Huelva, km 698 21400 Ayamonte, Huelva Tel: + 34 959471885 Jaen Martos Tennis Club District: Plaza Fuente Nueva,7 23600 Martos, Jaen Tel: + 34 953551462 / 953702768

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