Top 7 Great Things About Living in Spain

11 April 2021

Spain Expat's top 7 great things about living in Spain covers all the reasons why you already know you want to be here.

The most obvious and relevant list for all you fence-sitters thinking about making the move, here is our

list of the top 7 great/best things about Spain. Drumroll please…

  1. Lots of sun - According to the CIA world factbook, Spain’s climate is described as follows:
    ” temperate; clear, hot summers in interior, more moderate and cloudy along coast…”
    Perhaps that why they had set up those secret CIA prisons here - to work on their tan between interrogation sessions 😊
  2. Tons of great beaches -  4,964 km (~3000 miles) of coastline combined with the great climate, makes great beaches. In my experience, most of them are (optional) topless beaches, and some are nude beaches.  By July the water temperature is balmy everywhere, and it’s hard not to want to be at the beach.
  3. The cost of living is still pretty low - See here for more on the cost of living in Spain. Despite skyrocketing housing prices and the highest inflation in the EU at 3.7%, compared to other European nations it’s still pretty cheap.
  4. A much more relaxed lifestyle - After all, it is the land of the siesta, sun, beaches and some great parties. It’s reputation as a relaxed, laid back and friendly place seems pretty well deserved to me, especially in Andalucia. Notably, the further north you go in Spain, the less relaxed and more “European” the people seem to get.
  5. Proliferation of paella - Tell me you’ve had paella. If not, please ensure the next time you’re here, if you’re not already, get one. The original paella comes from Valencia, where it’s less seafood oriented, replaced by rabbit and chicken. It’s amazing.
  6. Cheap booze and cigarettes? - Yep, despite additional taxes leavied on cigarettes in 2005 & 2006, a pack of cigarettes still only sets you back around 2.50€. A decent (unembarrassing) bottle of wine is around 3.50€ and, even better, cava, the Catalan champagne, will only set you back around 5€ (depending where you are in Spain). If these prices mean anything to you, then you know what I’m talking about.
  7. Spanish people are still relatively “unaffected” - You just don’t see a McDonald’s, Starbucks and Blockbuster on every corner. The people still have choice, and it’s good.
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