Register for a Tax ID (NIE) for EU Citizen

The Numero de Identification de Extranjero (NIE) is the main piece of identification you'll need in Spain. It is simply a number that is needed in order to purchase real estate, register a business or self-employment, open bank accounts, set up a mobile phone contract, sign an apartment lease, file taxes, and for almost any other government form or contract. Both EU citizens and non-EU citizens get issued an NIE. When registering for an NIE through your local consulate, the number is issued from the central police state in Madrid via a certificate valid for three months.

Hire a gestor to help you:

  • complete registration forms
  • pay the fees in the correct form (cash or card+form)
  • submit all the documents
  • setup a cita previa

Includes 30 min consultation with the gestor. 


Select package rate for number of people in your family or group requiring this service


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