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SPANORAMA 2 - Spanish Business Boogaloo

Posted by The Cheat

Hey kids.  Yeah I know, its been a long time since the Cheat made an appearance but times have been kind of rough and tumble at the ol’ Barcelona homestead these past few months.  Like so many Expats, I came here with the intention of lying loose, taking in a lot of sun, beers, and cheers, and to work on that mañana attitude.  Alas, like most Expats since the times of the Victorians who first made it fashionable to spend a summer or three “on the continent”, I quickly tired of my life less ordinary, and yearned for a return to the Protestant pleasures of earnest work.

‘Ye gads, whats wrong with you?’ I hear you say.  As my moniker suggests, I came down here to escape the so-called rat race and thus “cheat” the system after a decade of career building, to have my proverbial cake and eat it too.  Well guess what buddy, I did and I am.  Say hello to the New The Cheat.  The Cheat… entrepreneur.  Thats right kids, I am now the proud owner of a Spanish S.L and have a thousand and one tales to tell of setting up a new business in this sunny country.  They are tales of woe, of fear, of courage in the face of adversity and unwavering commitment.  Tales of facing off against the Evil Bank Notary and the sinister Spanish Electrician; of unlikely allies in Legal places, and of love. 

This summer, get ready for the story of a lifetime…!  The incredible saga of one man’s search for Truth, Signatures and the right kind of Documents to present the Registro Mercantil.  This summer, the Cheat is back in :

“SPANORAMA 2 - Spanish Business Boogaloo”

TimeOut London says : “2 Stars!  A summertime blockbuster in the mould of Weekend At Bernie’s 2 and Karate Dog.”

Barcelona Connect calls it “The biggest waste of money and effort by any expat since the Olympics!  The scenes with the electrician are hilarious!”

El Pais says “A tragedy not to be missed.  Of particular interest to lonely Nordic women and Revenue Canada.”

Plot Summary:  The Cheat (played by himself) returns to Barcelona after a three month hiatus to discover that his friends are gone, his aloe vera plant is dead, and his on-again, off-again love interest is missing and presumed happy with someone else.  Frustrated, he enlists the help of an Irish Sitter and his new sidekick Julius to begin an all out assault on the Catalan capital by registering a company and starting a consultancy.

Christmas depression, legal harassment, delinquent clients, and a screaming baby next door conspire against them in this romantic comedy, as this unlikely cast grapples with the Spanish business legal system and tries to rent a commercial space with running water and electricity.  In the end, the journey is worth the reward and The Cheat may even have found love…  In Yellowknife.

Stay tuned buddy.  Its a rollercoaster ride the likes of which have not been seen or heard since Hemingway reported on the Spanish Civil War and then went swordfishing off of Key West.  Or something.  Anyway it’ll be a hoot.

Next Week : How To Register a Spanish S.L. in 39 Easy Steps (and a large bribe)

- TC

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