Book a Cita Previa

Book an appointment for TIE, Fingerprinting, or Empadronamiento.

Prior appointments – cita previas – are notoriously difficult to get these days. During the last year the existing system has been overloaded by the influx of new, normalized residents following the path of residencia forced by Brexit. On top of this, there has been a surge in demand for residency from third party nationals like Canadians, Americans and Russians thanks to the complete closure of borders to tourists and temporary travelers of various types during the pandemic. 

While it's certainly possible to set up a cita previa for procedures like registering at the oficina de extranjeros to submit your fingerprints and/or get your TIE card, it's actually easier for an asesoria to handle this. They may have access to digital tools or get official notice when new citas are posted. 

Whether you are fluent in Spanish or not, save time and grief with this notoriously frustrating element of Spanish bureaucracy.


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